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How do you tell an honest, dependable online writing company from a scam? How can you be sure that when you’re sending your payment, electronically, to a faceless company over the internet, you aren’t just inviting some hacker or identity thief in to destroy your life? In today’s world – and especially in the world of writing services – such a danger is all too real. Hundreds of individuals fall prey to such scams every year – incidents that could have been avoided, had they been properly warned and trained to spot malignant services. If you’re considering having an online service compose your next assignment, you need to learn how to identify potential scam threats as well. So, how can you tell a real writing service from a fake one? Astoundingly, there is one simply method that most students can use to determine the validity of a writing service. Simply ask for sample essays.

Essay samples are the quickest, easiest and most dependable way to determine the validity of an online writing service. Why is this? Think about it. When you ask for essay examples, the first thing you have to do is: ask. This requires the writing service to communicate directly with you. Scam companies don’t like to do this. They stay as far away from personal interaction with the customer as possible, and for good reason. What if they remember some slipped detail, and bring down the whole scam operation? If you ask for essay samples and no one ever seems to get back to you, that’s a good indication that there’s a scam on your hands.

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Viewing sample essays also exposes fraudulent companies that turn around plagiarized material or low-quality essays. When you entrust a writing service to compose your assignment, you should be guaranteed high-quality work. That is what you paid for, right? Some companies, however, like to take your money for the least amount of labor possible. Ask for essay examples, and you’ll be able to determine, right away, whether or not their a quality site. If they refuse to provide samples or don’t have any available, why is that? What exactly do they have to hide? If they do provide sample, quickly run them through a plagiarism checker or highlight key sentences in a google search. Make sure nothing is plagiarized or recycled; this could be the end of your academic career otherwise! For more information on recognizing false companies and acquiring essay sample, call up MyCustomEssay.com (a truly honest writing service) for some free advice and expertise.

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