Samples Literature A Child Called ‘It’. One Child’s Courage to Survive

A Child Called ‘It’. One Child’s Courage to Survive

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Brief Summary

This book is an autobiographical account of the horrific abuse that Dave Peltzer endured as a child. It presents in graphic detail how his mother beat him until she broke his bones; denied him food and interaction with the family; and engaged in other activities that nearly killed Peltzer as a child. Also explored are the psychological methods that Peltzer employed as a child that allowed him to survive the abuse until the age of twelve when he was finally removed from the home because of the abuse.

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Explanation of Report
The following creative book report uses the poetic form to describe my impression of the horrific childhood that Peltzer lived, and the abuse that he endured from the perspectives of both Peltzer and his mother at that time. Microsoft Word was used to create this report.


‘What’s Wrong With Me?’
A Look Into the Mind of Dave

I wake up daily hungry and I go to bed the same.
Not sure why they don’t love me or why ‘It’ has been my name
It’s not like this for the others so the problem must be me
I’m hated by my mother. What’s wrong with me?

She used to show love and kindness but now they’re not familiar much.
Instead I’m familiar with her anger and also with her punch.
This isn’t what my siblings know so the problem must be me.
Maybe it will get better as I grow? What’s wrong with me?

The family spends time together while included I am not.
I wish that things were better as I shiver on my cot.
The garage where I sleep is lonely and I yearn to be free.
My siblings have beds and blanket. What’s wrong with me?

I have to finish my chores on time so maybe I can eat.
My head spins and I’m dizzy. In my tummy I feel heat.
I try my best but sometimes fails then even more mad becomes she.
I wish that I could make her smile. What’s wrong with me?

It’s worse when I’m alone with her. She likes to see me cry.
I’m forced to do horrible things and I never know why.
If I try harder to be perfect, maybe then her love I’ll see.
This is a goal I’ve never met. What’s wrong with me?

It’s no better away from home. The whole world is cruel.
The way they hate me at home is the same when I get to school.
The other kids have friends; everyone except me.
If the sun shines for them, what’s wrong with me?

Every day I’m cold and hungry and every day my clothes smell.
Every day is darker than yesterday and is like a brand new hell.
I’m not sure if it will ever get better or if peace and happiness I’ll see.
Maybe one day I’ll figure out what’s wrong with me.

‘I’ll Have a Drink’

The Perspective of Dave’s Mother

I remember the day Dave was born because he was much more tolerable then.
Then time passed and I realized that his birth should have been a sin.
The uselessness that is this child has almost reached its brink.
I’ll deal with him appropriately but first I’ll have drink.

Thank God the others are better because again through this I can’t sit.
Unworthy of the name I gave him, instead I’ll call him ‘It’.
I don’t have to give ‘It’ love and care. This is what I think.
Now he’s claiming he is hungry! O, well! I think I’ll have a drink.

I’ll treat him like the ‘It’ he is because he’s too dumb to run.
These black and blue bruises look interesting in the west coast sun.
When I feed him bleach again today perhaps the vomit will be pink.
To show him his place I’ll find new ways but first I’ll have a drink.

Between strangling, kicking, and punching him I’ll ensure I take turns.
Placing parts of him over open flames shows me how fast skin burns.
He’s getting tougher I see and it’s easier to take so of new methods I will think.
He looks hungry so I’ll be creative but first I’ll have a drink.

The dog’s droppings for a meal is better than nothing but he’s ungrateful still.
What makes him think he deserves anything, especially an actual meal?
From the trash he’s been stealing food but this ammonia will make it stink.
I have to find where I placed it after I made him drink it but first I’ll have a drink.

That punch to his face left a bruise and I know the nosey people will suspect abuse.
Now I have to add to the list and write a brand new great excuse.
‘He fell.’ That’s it! Now to the PTA meeting or Cubs Scouts I think.
I’ll make sure that everything seems normal but first I’ll have a drink.

‘It’ is a very bad boy and deserves this so I try to make him see.
The blame for the knife wound to his stomach is on him and not me.
He should have cleaned the bathroom better. I don’t care how bad the fumes stink.
I’ll lock him away so he can think about it but first I’ll have a drink.

Too many people are asking questions. Why can’t they leave us alone?
Now they want to take him away and he’s only 12 years old.
He deserved the punishments he got so it can’t be abuse is what I think.
They can sort it out for themselves while I go and pour myself a drink.