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A Need for a More Humanitarian Global Outlook

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Since the beginning of time, people have been moving from one area to another. These people are called migrants. The reasons for their moving vary – some seek a better life or are simply curious about another culture. There are many however who are fleeing from violence. These types are called refugees. Today there is much debate going on about whose responsibility it is to deal with migrants and refugees and what to do about them. Many people, including me, believe that all people deserve to live in safe place, free from violence. In the debate “Dealing with the Influx of Migrants and Refugees” (2015), many of the debaters say the issue is a humanitarian one, instead of political. I agree, and believe that it is the duty of all nations to help poor people in need, regardless of where they were born.

One of the points that the debaters bring up is that there is a difference between immigrants and refugees. An immigrant is persons who are wanting to come to another country but because it calls to them. Maybe they want to simply live in another place or want to go to school there. In other words, they decide they want to go there and plan it out. Refugees however are person who is forced leave their home due to violence or extreme poverty. Thus a refugee is much difference than immigrants. Their situations have many differences.

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The article on (Abdullah, 2014) addresses this issue. It say that while some people escaping violence are called refugees and given assistance others not. This is unfair and it forces many people into bad situations worse than the one they come from. There are many people in the world today who live in bad conditions and they wish to flee to another country to make better life for themselves and for their family. However the response by many governments have been to enforce strict anti-immigration policy. Some have closed their borders or even used military action to force refugees to turn back (Zohlberg and Benda, 2001, pg. 1). But where do the people go? Back to the violence they are escaping? It is a question that everyone should think about.

In the debate one person make good point by saying that migrant and refugee people can actually help the country they come to (Swing, 2015). They do this by working, spending money and in general help the economy. There are too many people who think that immigrants and refugees are bad and this is simply not truth. These are people just like everyone else who want better life for there family. Why not give them a helping hand?

Helping refugees and other person escaping bad situation in there home country is a moral issue. Everyone should help each other, it is the right thing to do. The debter Ms. Feller (2015) agree that this is a humanitarian issue. The reason there is a problem is because the governments treat it as a political issue. They act like the refugees are foreign invaders instead of poor people needing to find a safe place to live.

The governments of wealthy countries today need to have a more charitable outlook onto the world. If instead policy is to help these people find safe places to live, or even help their home country become a safer place, the issue could be resolve in a better way. Instead of turning away refugees with military, we should assist them to make a fresh start. In this way we make the world a better place, and that is good for everyone.

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