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Abortion II

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Marquis describes abortion as any action that will deprive an individual of a future like ours which is a serious prima facie morally wrong. Marquis argument eliminates specific problems of whether the fetus is considered to be a person with rights or not. It follows the reasoning that abortion is morally wrong as it is wrong to kill a human being after his or her birth thus it is also wrong for killing a fetus.

Q.1. Which of the following is an implication of Don Marquis’s argument about the morality of abortion?
D. Contraception is a human right

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Q.2. How does Marquis propose to resolve the standoff in the abortion debate?
B. by first identifying what makes it wrong to kill an adult human being

Q.3. According to Marquis, murder is wrong because?
D. it deprives the victim of a valuable future.

Q.4. Which of the following implications does Marquis cite to make his theory of the wrongness of killing seem more plausible?
C. It justifies the belief that infanticide is immoral.

Q.5. What property of the fetus is morally central to Marquis’s argument?
A. it’s having a valuable future like ours

Q.6. Marquis believes that his account I supported on the grounds that?
B. it explains why killing is one of the worst of crimes.

Q.7. True or False Marquis allows that there may be some non-human animals that it would be wrong to kill.
True, as some animals have the same right to life as humans and others do not hold the same right to life.

Q.8. True or False Marquis’s view has a considerable problem in explaining how it is compatible with birth control.
True, as Marquis believes that only actual beings have futures of value thus contraception does not deny any being a future of value.

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