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American University Journey

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A college is not only supposed to educate students but also to teach them to think independently. Thus, one of my greatest hopes is that I will be truly an independent thinker by the time I graduate from American University. I will be someone who could separate facts from fiction and who could set aside his emotions to think objectively. I also hope I will have develop strong business knowledge and skills that will enable me to enjoy a successful global career upon graduation. I expect American University’s community to help me develop global perspective in different aspects of life such as business, politics, and culture.

While technical skills are important, one cannot overstate the importance of soft skills such as communication. By the time I graduate from American University, I hope not to have only strong communication skills but also strong cross-cultural skills so that I can efficiently interact with people from any cultural background. In developing my communication and cross-cultural skills, I will especially looking towards the assistance of the university’s diverse community.

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Last but not least, I hope education and life experiences at American University will help me become more productive citizen at both local and global level. I am fortunate to have enjoyed a good life but most of the residents of this planet have not been so lucky. Thus, it is my sincere desire to improve the lives of as many people as possible, in order to make this world a better place for future generations.

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