Analysis of Modern Policing Strategies and Conventions

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After reviewing the State of California Law Enforcement and Anaheim Police Department websites, there are a number of commonalities and distinct characteristics that define the approach of state and local departments towards fighting crime and providing up to date information. Each site was accessible and included as their main streams, updated news articles with respect to law enforcement strategies and analyses. They are easy to use as they are appealing and include a number of tabs focusing specifically on departments and personnel. If readers wish to find out facts about state and local departments, they can quickly click a link at the top of the page, whilst reading pertinent information to each department’s efforts to reduce the prevalence of crime. For example, on the state of California Law Enforcement site the user can quickly find out information about the numerous bureaus on the right hand column and through a number of different links. Both sites are also easy to use and guide the reader towards desired information and links that can cater to the respective needs. The colors and directions provided on the site are user friendly and appeal to the specific reader. Meg tags include departments, personnel, commerce, updates and contacts, which are also connected to organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Each site reviewed is very well maintained and updates with respect to law enforcement are provided along with their dates of review and publishing for the user’s reference and to also reassure the reader that all information provided is relevant to what they are interested in. They are also interactive in the sense that they are not only easy to use but encourage the reader to find out more about policing events and campaigns that are helping out local and state communities. For example, on the Anaheim local police department site, it references an upcoming National Anaheim Night Out, which is pivotal to the development and success of the police department. This is centered at the top of the site so that the reader’s attention can be drawn towards its significance and relevance to society initiatives in policing.

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The presentation is attractive and effective for each site as they use color but also make the site official and convey meaning about the respective significance of policing. For example, the use of patriotic blue, red and white colors on the state of California Law Enforcement site appeals to the interests of the reader. They also have e-commerce attributes such as sponsoring and media pertinent to local community development and events.

If I were building a law enforcement site, I would make it very informative and patriotic yet user friendly. I would focus on the interests of the reader and provide information such as department details and the latest crime news in order to fulfill their respective needs.

New ways to interact with the other aspects of state and local governments include site advertising and sponsorship as well as links to their respective sites. Other ways include community events and meetings that provide the means for each department to liaise with one another and express their respective views. The development of combined sites for a mixture of different departments is also assisting in these inter-governmental and organizational based interactions. Problems involved with this include the development of conflict of interests between respective state governments and the requirement to further change policies and guidelines of policing that fit the needs of other departments but not its own. Opportunities attached to these respective interactions include improved funding and combined initiatives between different departments.

Crime analysis personnel should be drawn from civilian and the ranks of sworn personnel as this provides greater diversity and the opportunity for the development of innovative approaches and design to policing. By simply restricting crime analysis personnel to only sworn ranks, there are restrictions on the level of development and innovation within respective policing departments. It would make a difference if personnel were drawn from civilian and sworn ranks, as departments would gain access to a greater knowledge basis and this would subsequently provide greater opportunities for development.

If I had sufficient funding, I would fund the establishment of a department web site as it draws in more people and establishes greater appeal and interest in police operations across the state. It allows communities and societies to engage in policing operations and also generates further support for policing initiatives and also funding.

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