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Analysis of Quality Management in the Nursing Environment

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My nursing clinic conducts a number of procedures and operations effectively and properly. This is essential as it ensures that its patients are well looked after and that it adheres to standard state guidelines on duty of care, privacy and respecting the interests of its staff, patients and management overall. Firstly, my clinic respects the privacy of its patients. It currently adheres to HIPAA standards of privacy, which stipulate that it can’t disclose without authorization from the patient, patient records to any external organizations or third parties within the clinic itself (HHS, 2015). This is significant as it is unethical to release patient records without authorization and can result in a number of negative ramifications for the patient and the clinic. In addition, my clinic adheres to a number of state health protocols such as the use of particular chemicals in its cleaning processes as well as solutions used when treating and handling patients.

The clinic utilizes a number of different solutions as well as equipment that prevents the spread of disease and ensures that a high level of hygiene and sanitary conditions are maintained within the clinic (HHS, 2015). For example, all of the nurses and doctors at the clinic following specific cleaning and sanitary protocols, which ensure that there is no possibility of the spread of external bacteria even from the surface of skin or other materials. Furthermore, the clinic constantly develops and updates its equipment, systems and processes to ensure that its patients and respective staff are provided with highly capable units and processes for extensively caring for their patients. Without updated equipment, patients are unable to receive a high level of care that another clinic may potentially be able to provide.

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There are some changes that would improve the conditions of the clinic and ensure that it works more efficiently and effectively. The first change would be to nursing and patient ratios. Currently, the clinic is understaffed and does not have sufficient numbers of nurses and doctors to comprehensively look after its patients as well as update its technologies and processes. By adding more staff or altering staff shifts to ensure that nurses receive adequate rest, leave as well as support throughout their shifts, clinic conditions can subsequently be improved.

Additionally, the clinic could further train its staff to develop their leadership and management capabilities to ensure that more junior staff are adequately supervised and effectively trained.

One quality management theory pertinent to my clinic includes a focus on psychology knowledge, which allows respective employers and managers to better manage human interactions and communication between their employees. Psychology knowledge looks at how human interactions are significant to the success of a business as they define how people work with one another and whether they can provide prospective contributions towards the particular organization (BB, 2015). It also allows nurses and doctors to better relate with one another and could also improve nurse to patient ratios and allow management to have a better scope of employee interactions. Furthermore, it inspires collaborative approaches in health workplaces and the clinic in particular. Patient care extensively relies on these collaborative approaches between healthcare staff (BB, 2015).

Health records and health information technology play a pivotal role in improving the employee interactions, conditions and innovation in my clinic. They firstly achieve this by inspiring health professionals such as nurses and doctors to work collaboratively to sustain patient health records and ensure that the health of patients becomes and remains their number one priority (HHS, 2015). It also inspires innovation in the workplace as information technology is pivotal towards updating doctors and nurses with respect to the health of patients and effectively ensuring that technology used to save lives and sustain health are updated and subsequently maintained.

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