Samples Application Application Essay For Occupational Therapy Major

Application Essay For Occupational Therapy Major

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My desire and enthusiasm to advance my education in Occupational Therapy has grown over the years. Acquiring an admission for Master of Occupational Therapy in your institution will be a great accomplishment towards attaining my professional goals. My aspirations have been motivated by my professional and academic proficiency in occupational therapy. I believe if given the chance to advance my education, I can be the best occupational therapist in the world because of my motivation, compassion, and desire to help others in providing medical services.

I am an enthusiastic individual with a focused personality who is always prepared to take any challenges. My outstanding academic and professional qualifications and friendly nature enables me successfully maintain organizational standards. These personal traits have enabled to perform a variety of tasks related to occupational therapy different places that have diverse cultural and social orientations. Previously, I have heavily involved myself in occupational therapy in hospitals, schools and small medical institutions playing both service delivery and administrative roles. Some of the activities that I was involved in include attending to patients suffering from emotional, developmental, physical and mental challenges. My technical capability, strive and strong organizational skills assisted me in the coordination of all aspects to come up with perfect timing and scheduling plans. The experience assisted me to develop technical expertise in clinical practice that enabled me to enhance the provision of quality services characterized with patient satisfaction.
Occupational Therapists play a very crucial part in the society today. They are not just health care service providers and administrators, but very resourceful and valued members in all social aspects.

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Ultimately, pursuing my next level of studies in occupational therapy will be able to complement my passion and in broadening my knowledge. I hope if given the chance to develop my career will not only assist me excel academically, but will also assist me develop skills for all dimensions of life and enhance a mature approach to reality. Motivation, compassion, and a desire to help others are essential to professionalism. By possessing these characteristics, I believe that I can make the best occupational therapist in the world.