Architecture As An Art

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I call architecture frozen music.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (in Fisher 74).

Geothe’s vision of architecture as frozen music is the most accurate description of this visual art for me. Architecture seems to be full of rhythm of its own. Architecture seems to be a harmony of multiple elements. Architecture seems to be a performance of staging the set where people will interact in newly created spaces. I have been amazed by the art of architecture ever since I remember myself, and the source of my love to architecture was my father and his occupation as a construction engineer. My father is the person who once opened the beauty of architecture to me and who later inspired me to pursue a career in the field. This essay will tell my story of how I became genuinely interested in architecture and how father contributed to my love to this dynamic art.

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Although construction managers do not actually focus on designing or planning buildings, this occupation involves managing building procedures, applying construction methods, and managing construction workforce. This is what my father has been doing for almost twenty years now. In close collaboration with architects and construction engineers, my father has built various types of building across the country, mostly apartments. He has always loved his job and told me dozens of breathtaking stories about the construction procedures and how he and his team worked on complicated projects. The only thing he was not quite happy about was that he was not an architect. My father has always wanted to plan and design his own buildings, but has never decided to pursue a degree in architecture. Instead, he made architecture his hobby, subscribed to several architecture magazines, and maintained close friendship with two well-known architectures in my city. While I have never heard him say he wants me to become an architect, since the age of three I remember myself obsessed with designing house projects and building houses with Legos. It seems as if my father’s dreams, stories, aspirations, and passions related to architecture materialized in my head. So whenever someone asked me what I would like to be when I grew up, I would reply without hesitation that I wanted to become an architect or a construction engineer.

Yet, it was not only my father that shaped my vision of architecture as a future career. A very important thing for me was that architecture was very close to drawing, and I loved drawing very much through my middle and high school years. Illustration and Graphic Design were my indisputable strengths at high school, and I revealed they could connect to architecture well. In other words, architecture became for me an embodiment of a dream profession, since it combined my two greatest passions: building and construction design, and drawing. By the way, I found that many architects are fond of drawing as well as of other artistic activities (“Things Architects Love”).

That love to drawing began one summer when we visited Italy and its capital Rome. I remember drawing a few buildings in Rome with my pastels. Indeed, as one of the tourist architects said, “There is so much and everwhere!” (Seattle Urban Sketchers). A few days after we went to Venice, and I was drawing there, too. I was doing that both with my pencil and my pastels, and I found drawing buildings really engaging. When I came back home, I began drawing my own plans of perfect houses, i.e. my dream houses. All my houses were close to what I saw in Rome and Venice, and soon I understood how little I knew and how much I was about yet to learn before I generated a design that would be praised for its beauty, simplicity, and innovative design. My decision was firm: architecture. Since this university has a strong architecture school, I became confident it would give me excellent preparation, so I decided to apply.

In summary, my father was the person who inspired me to love architecture and who actually made me love architecture. I developed a dream of becoming an architect, I turned my love to drawing to the architecture direction, I have always had my dream career in front of my eyes, and I have a firm belief that my career as an architect will be rewarding. That is why I have written this essay.

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