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There are plenty of impressive architecture structures that surround us. In my opinion, the two most impressive structures are New York Trade Center and St’s Pauls’s Cathedral in London.

These days New York Trade Center is considered the tallest skyscraper in Western Hemisphere. Besides, it is considered as the fourth largest building in the world. Initially, there have been plenty of visions on New York Trade Center Construction. Discussions about architectural design started as early as in 2003 and the world have seen the building in 2014. Its height is estimated to 1,776 feet (541 m) which is symbolically tied to the year when the US Constitution was proclaimed.

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Regarding its architectural peculiarities, the construction of the building has undergone a controversy with its designer. David M Childs, the designer of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill appeared to be the author of One World Trade Center. Symbolically, it substitutes Twin Towers after 9/11 tragedies. The construction of the center commenced in 2006. After it was completed, one shall remark it had topped Empire State Building in its height (Sullivan).

The architecture plan was envisioned in the form of octagonal. It was meant that the building would be a monolithic glass structure that reflects the sky. In addition, the architecture plan and vision were symbolic in terms of history of the US. The One World Trade Center remarked several occasions that were of a great significance for Americans. Particularly, in 2011 it illuminated in the colors of the US flag and meant to commemorate the independence day. Also, it was lit up on Sep. 10 to remark the events of 9/11. Thus, the architecture and the purpose of the building mirror the occasions that are remarkable in the Amercian public space.

In contrast to One World Trade Center, the St. Paul’s Cathedral represents the different type of architecture. Moreover, the building serves a different purpose, too. Londoners consider the Cathedral as the most iconic building. It was constructed by British architect Sir Christopher Wren. These days the building is famous for its dome which is one of the highest, estimated at 112 m (Hughes).

Initially, the church was constructed in 604 AD. Although, largely renovation works took place in 17th century. The church represents the architecture style of English Baroque. Yet, today it serves as a seat for Bishop of London.

The architect Christopher Wren started to work on building’s construction in 1668. It took over a decade to complete his designs for the church building. The architect faced numerous challenges in the course of construction. For instance, it was complicated to construct a large cathedral using a weak London’s soil. Ever since the building was constructed, it serves as integral part of London’s architecture as a whole. Also, it maintains the medieval form of the cathedral with its correlations to English baroque.

Similarly to One World Trade Center, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London reflects on national identity of people of London. Although initially it was the Catholic cathedral, due to social transformations it transited into Anglican church which was meant to personalize in the King’s representation of power.

Overall, the two architecture structures, one based in Europe and the other located in the heart of New York mark an inevitable differences in the course of their construction as well as reflect on social changes and transitions societies undergone. Thus, it is important to conclude that any architecture structure, regardless of its purpose serves as the mirror of social changes.

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