Benefiting Brandeis Campus Community

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As an international student at Brandeis, I would like to fully integrate into student community and contribute to active life on campus. I have always emphasized community service as an indispensable part of my life beyond studies. This is my inherent intention to make other people actively engaged in the community life. For me, everyone’s proactive involvement in community-based activities is a clear sign of community’s good health and well-being. Making others feel good shows me what I can give to the world rather than take from it.

From my experience of past community-oriented activities, I will be much happy to organize charity football tournaments at Brandeis. Football is a universal medium to unite and befriend international students with diverse backgrounds. In addition to the call for overall equality within a highly diverse and multicultural campus environment, I would like students to generate a close-knit and mutually supportive campus environment. The quarterly tournaments will serve as a source of informal communication among the most physically capable students and Brandeis staff. While the tournaments will be arranged on amateurish level, anyone’s endurance or proficiency in football is not an issue at all; the whole thing is to cultivate a close-knit community on campus.

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Furthermore, I would suggest that the most artful and creative students attended dancing classes. I have always considered dancing as a body language shared among people. Dancing, therefore, will make international students at Brandeis campus more united. It will serve as an all-inclusive language of communication through which many students will have a chance to make friends. While dancing is also about individual creativity, it seems relevant to arrange a ‘Yearly Student Dancing Festival’ as a mixture of various dancing styles uniting cultures and discovering student talents.

The suggested activities are aimed to boost motivation among students, disclose their identities, and promote overall engagement in life on campus.

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