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Bias For Nursing Research Study

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The general idea that I have for my research study is to explore how moral distress can impact nurses in health care settings. In order for this research to be conducted in a manner that produces reliable and accurate results, it is necessary to utilize a qualitative methodology. However, such a methodology can also be susceptible to bias unless caution is exercised to address this issue.

One factor that could contribute to bias in this study is generalization. Indeed, this is a problem that the majority of researchers are faced with in their studies, especially when the subjects are people.

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In this case, exploring how moral distress impacts nurses will produce results that will not necessarily be indicative of equal results in other places. In other words, just because a set of results may indicate that moral distress is impacting nurses at a hospital in a certain way, it does not meant that nurses in other hospitals are necessarily affected in the same way. Therefore, there is a possibility for a biased generalization to be made, just because of the heavy involvement with the study that produced the primary results.

In order to avoid this type of generalization bias, it is important for the study to rely on an extensive sample that will accurately represent the subjects that I am analyzing. This necessarily entails that the study will need to encompass participants from several different institutions, and possibly from several different states and countries.

Another way to avoid generalization bias is to spend more time examining all the specific factors that characterize the institution and subjects that I am studying. This will allow for any results to be applied onto a more narrowly defined group. This will ultimately allow me to avoid any generalizations through my results, and will bring more validity to the study.