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Black in America: The Social Injustice

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The recent fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager in Fergusson, Missouri by a white policemen elicited a heated donate regarding the treatment of the black Americans community by the white community. Similarly, a number of cases in which white policeman have been accused of shooting unarmed black teenagers has led to widespread riot across the United States. Some of the prominent cases include the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood volunteer watchman, George Zimmerman in Florida. The African American community experience unequal treatment in almost every aspect of the life. They are victimized by disproportionate targeting them and they receive unequal and unfair treatment by the police and also other frontline law enforcing officials. In addition, the Justice system is delivering racially skewed judgments.

Racisms has been rife in the US especially among the African American Community. The African American community experience racism in almost every aspect of their lives. Most of them have experienced racism in one or another. The agencies which are entitled to provide security for the people of American are turning their guns against the black community. The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the decision by the jury not the indict Darren Wilson was viewed as one sided judgment which was reached in the favor of the white police officer. The shooting of Michael Brown is an indication of the lethal force the police use against the African Americans. Brown was not armed and the policeman had the responsibility of apprehending him without shooting and killing him instantly.

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The criminal justice has turned to be a race-based institution where the members of the African-American community are directly targeted and given a harsh punishment than the white people. The facts to prove that US criminal justice system is racists are overwhelming. First the recent acquittal of Darren Wilson for shooting and killing Michael Brown and the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the killing of Treyvon Martin are some of the popular examples of a fraud and racist criminal justice system.

The injustices which the African American experience is evident based on a number of facts. The first one is that the US has recently witnessed an increase in the arrests of black people and locking them in jails in the name of conducting war on drugs. Yet, both black and white are involved in drug offenses, sales, and possession at a roughly comparable rates. While the US population contain only 13 percent of African Americans and 14 percent of drug uses in a month, 37 percent of the arrests made are African Americans.

Secondly, the police force is prone to stopping members of the black community more than the whites, For instance, in the New York City with almost of the blacks making up got the population, more than 60 percent of the stops carried out by the NYPD involved blacks. When blacks are stopped over 70 percent are frisked as compared to only 8 percent of the whites.

Third, when the blacks are arrested, they are more likely to be remanded in prison awaiting trial for a longer time than the whites. In addition, the blacks are more likely to get a longer jail terms as compared to the whites based on the same magnitude of the crime committed. This is one of the reason why jails in the US have more blacks than whites. In addition, African Americans are often excluded from participating in the criminal jury service. This enables the jury which is made of mostly the whites to made decisions that favor the white community.

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