Bradley University

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Bradley University is one of the private universities in Peoria, Illinois. It provides 5, 400 graduate and undergraduate students with multiple opportunities and an endless supply of resources. It offers over 185 graduate and undergraduate academic programs in education, business, communication, fine arts, sciences, technology, liberal arts, engineering, and health science.

The Department of Civil Engineering and Construction is one of university departments, wherein students are offered ABET-accredited BSCE programs that provide them with background data for their steady and continued growth and make them ready for engineering careers.

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Within this program, a broad spectrum of professions is offered, including water resources, transportation, structures, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, highway and pavement design, and also construction management. The curriculum provides students with a broad technical background, essential for contemporary civil engineering practice and required for pursuing higher education. There, students are trained to become leaders who are aware of their crucial role in the maintenance of the infrastructure of the society and sustainability development.

The program offered by the Department of Civil Engineering is founded on in-depth knowledge of mathematics and engineering and natural sciences. In civil engineering, the design practices are integrated into the curriculum which grows into two semesters of capstone design courses. This course is supervised by highly professional industrial partners. Within the program, students are offered to take a course in social sciences and humanities so be informed of how engineering solutions affect the society. This course is obligatory for all students meeting the general education requirements of the university.

The list of approved courses satisfying the general education requirements can be obtained from the academic advisor. At the same time, the curriculum is designed in the way that provides students with as much flexibility in their technical election as they need. It allows them to meet the University`s requirements for accreditation. Students are free to select their electives in one of the emphasized areas. They also can take other courses which are considered technical electives. Those students that do not choose any of emphasized areas are still obliged to meet the requirements of ABET for the technical electives.

According to the data from the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction, the majors from CEO constitute about 44% of an overall number of undergraduate students that were valedictorians in the high school. This faculty offers students to study overseas for at least one semester through a special program. Agreements with other institutions across the world allow students to complete their degree while enjoying other cultures. This department also offers the largest number of scholarships available to students. Some scholarships are considered a part of the financial aid to needy students. The members of CEC faculty have been awarded by Bradley University for their teaching excellence. This award is given every year to one of the faculty members.

The members of CEC faculty received two BU Rothberg Awards for their professionalism. The CEC staff was awarded the BU Francis C. Mergen Memorial for excellent public service. Over 25 books on civil engineering and construction were published by the members of Civil Engineering and Construction Department. This department has also developed the Bridge-Pals Program which is intended to serve the community. The program helps high school students to gain insight into engineering through the design and analysis of the wood bridges of Balsa. These students are offered to help faculty to test the designs by university computer facilities.

The members of CEC Department teach their students to be the leaders and helps them to develop active student organizations. Cutting-edge facilities and laboratories are offered to the students of CEC Department. They have their computer facilities upgraded regularly. The effectiveness of teachers` performance is tested regularly by the department` committee. All these measures aim at making the faculty one of the leading one in the Bradley University.

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