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Brief Notes On Canada

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Prior to the 1850s, there were implications for women to be predominate members of society. These women tended to livestock, preserved vegetables and fruits, managed gardens, and wove and sewed clothing.

During World War I, new jobs were created and women were brought into the labor force. These jobs generally consisted of clerks, secretaries, and factory workers. Wages did increase for these women, however, their wages were never comparable to men. Wages were only fifty-to-eighty percent of men’s earnings.

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By 1930, 35 percent of graduate students and 23 percent of undergraduates were females.
Out of 142 countries, Canada ranked 19th when it came to gender equality in 2014.

In 2014, gender inequality throughout Canada had become worse in several critical areas, one being violence against women.

In 2015, the average global pay gap between women and men was approximately $4,000. In Canada, the pay gap was roughly $8,000.

In 2013, Canada’s gender gap was closed 74 percent. In 2014, however, Canada was able to close 75 percent of their overall gender gap.