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Business Perspective of Agriculture

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When agriculture is viewed from a business standpoint and other similar various factors, come into play. Issues like employee concern, technology, market trends, and expenditure on input. Agriculture is like any ordinary business that requires proper attention ad that factors like capital to run it, and other resources like land are of great importance if one is to carry out real agri-business. It is paramount that a prospective investor in agriculture carries out a proper investigation and find out whether the intended investment is viable. All factors especially labor concerns must be addressed.

Technological advancement has been of great importance to agricultural development especially regarding management of information. Technological change has resulted in vast benefits to the farmer. Most of the farmers can now keep proper track of all information relating to employees workload, the amount or records and any relevant farm documents like worksheets, invoices, and expenditure. In most societies like China’s Shaanxi Province agriculture is the foundation of its economy. An increase in food demand has made agriculture to rely on technology to ensure that the environment is kept safe and that there is food security. Thanks to technology, agricultural information management systems are playing a significant role to improve modernization, digitalization, and agricultural network. Ibrahim and Rajkumar (2008) found that traditional data management could not meet the demands of agricultural production and management. On the other hand, technologically advanced systems could manage information stored in a while at the same time provide practical auxiliary perspective for farmers to use them in decision making.

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Technology has also made general management of works easier. All information relating to salaries, employee list and duties and responsibilities are entered into a computer to ensure uniformity and reduce the problem of paperwork. Some farms have also introduced the use of remote sensing image database. The farmer is s able to identify employees with e (Li, 2010). Li (2010) stated that management information system could be utilized for the storage of information about animal food disease and pest control. He gives the example of the importance of technology is Animal husbandry as states that it is easy to add, delete or modify the information and ordinary users can also inquire about it as they wish.

Readily available information helps boost the yield of the farm since mistakes can be easily identified by looking at many available data. Use of integrated data information contributes to establishing a multi-source database that may cover a wide area. Li (2010) states that these approach that technology can also be used in assessing the management’s efficiency hence ensuring that the yields are high. It will also increase farm produce by reducing barriers entry and improve market access.

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