Business Proposal

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CompanyMorty is an insurance firm which will have its base in New York and the Tennessee States. The company will offer various types of insurance covers like education, health, life insurance, and property insurance. The company will have a minimum of eighty employees. The branch in New York will have fifty employees, while the one in Tennessee will have thirty employees. Because this business is a startup, the company will delegate some managerial roles some of the qualified employees. However, those who will show the ability to manage well the roles assigned to them will permanently hold those positions; hence hiring newer employees.

The company will highly rely on information and technology. Just like any other type of business, it is important for the company to ensure that its communication channels are well functioning and departments can easily communicate with each other. However, information technology needs will be different within different levels of the organization. For instance, the upper management will require dedicated telephones and computers in their offices to keep track of how the business is doing. Departmental managers will also require the same as upper management to keep track of their departments’ operations. On the other hand, lower level employees will only have access to dedicated computers. These employees will have three common telephones in every branch of the company.

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The first main process within the firm for the firm is decision-making. Senior managers and their juniors need to make good decisions when the company is facing issues or stiff competition from other companies. Also, the firm may have to face the challenge of making decisions on how to expand the business and in which states and cities to open branches. Because of these types of decisions, the company will require Executive Support Systems (ESS). ESS aids managers in making tough decisions by identifying, gathering, and analyzing information essential in decision-making.

Another process entails writing reports that are important for business analysis. Middle level and operational managers often write reports on how the business is doing and some improvements the firm needs to consider. Using Management Information Systems (MIS), these managers will gather and analyze data from transactions and present their findings to senior level management.

The last process is a transaction. The firm’s main objective is profit-making while serving the community efficiently. However, it is impossible for the firm to move forward when it keeps no records of all its transactions. Transaction processing systems (TPS) are important as they help the company perform these operations. The system also performs other tasks such as sending invoices to clients and purchasing materials from suppliers among other things.

The firm will require various types of enterprise applications for it to function properly. The first application is the automated billing system which will keep a record of all the bills served by the company and the ones the company sends its clients. Another enterprise application is the Customer Relationship Management which will serve the purpose of receiving feedback from clients to the management regarding the company’s services and customer treatment. Using these feedbacks, the company will then look for ways of improving sectors that clients complain about. The last important application is Email Marketing System (EMS). EMS provides email services to the company. Using EMS, the company will be able to send its offers messages to its clientele and issue messages about the new products the company has.

The company will have two employees in charge of the information systems and enterprise applications. Because the company is a startup, it will face several constraints financially. For this reason, it is important for the company to employ some employees that it can take comfortable pay; hence the need of having only two employees managing the systems. The major responsibility of these two individuals will be to provide IT support to the entire team and ensure that the systems are functioning well.

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