Canadian Embassy Statement of Purpose

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Like most people, I also initially targeted a profession on the basis of job security and income potential. After obtaining graduate diploma in business from the UK, I returned to Malaysia and joined my husband’s company as a business development manager. I have been with the company for nearly three years now which primarily serves the clients in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry has been enjoying some of its best years all over the world due to forces of globalization that are reshaping the economies of many emerging nations. But my professional experiences have helped me realized that global economic progress has not occurred without a price. In our pursuit of economic prosperity, we have failed to demonstrate responsible attitude towards the environment. This realization has influenced my decision to add environmental consultancy services to the company’s product line and is the primary motivation behind my decision to pursue graduate studies in sustainable environmental policy.

I have chosen Canada because Canadian universities have some of the best academic programs in sustainable environmental policy. This is also due to the fact that as a country, Canada has maintained one of the best sustainable environmental policies among developed countries and this emphasis on sustainable environment doesn’t only exist at political level but in all aspects of Canadian society. In Canada, I will be studying under professors with decades of experience and expertise in sustainable environmental field.

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Even though most of the harm to the environment has been due to economic activities in developed countries so far, the situation may change due to the economic rise of emerging economies like China, India, and Malaysia. Countries like China have already been one of the major polluters due to the tremendous scale of industrial activity taking place in the country. To some extent, emerging economies also have the disadvantage of lack of experience when it comes to sustainable environmental policies. Fortunately, there is a rising sense of emergency among emerging economies including Malaysia that we cannot afford to ignore environment anymore. As a sustainable environmental policy professional, I aim to guide domestic and international players in the Malaysian oil and gas industry implement responsible and feasible environmental policies. In addition, I also plan to influence policymaking at the government level to promote sustainable environmental policies in not only oil and gas industry but also other industries with high levels of production and manufacturing activities.

One of the reasons I am not pursuing sustainable environmental policy graduate degree in Malaysia is that the country doesn’t have any university which offers a competent program in the field. Even when a university may have an environmental policy department, it often lacks resources necessary for major research projects. At a Canadian university, I will not only have access to world-class learning resources but will also have access to grants to fund research projects. In addition, I will also be able to interact with talented students from all over the world, many having professional experience as environmental experts.

Canadian universities have a global reputation for academic excellence and a graduate degree in sustainable environmental policy from a reputed program will give me credibility as an environmental expert. In addition, I will also have an edge due to the global perspectives I may have acquired as a student in Canada as well as my interaction with individuals from all over the world.

I have no doubt studying sustainable environmental policy in Canada will prove as one of the best decisions I have made in life. I hope this education will go a long way towards promoting sustainable environmental policies in Malaysia in both private and public sectors.

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