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Car Accident Essay

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Disbelief, helplessness, and fear engulfed my mind as I lay on my back. Surprisingly, I did not feel the pain because my body was numb everywhere. I felt like I had difficulty breathing and my mind was running with so many questions about what had just happened a few seconds ago on the road. From a distance, I could hear cars honking and making some noise but I don’t think they knew what had happened to me. The accident happened on the Shawnee Mission Road two years ago. At that time, I was an ALI student and all I needed to do that morning was get up early and attend class. Ever since the accident, I have been driving very carefully, especially along that particular street.

After the buzzing noise from my alarm woke me up, I jumped out of bed and made it to the shower. It was yet another morning and my normal routine had just begun. I must have slept a little bit longer than usual because it seems that my alarm was buzzing for quite some time. I quickly took a shower and got dressed for school. It was not until I got my cell phone from my bed that I realized that Chao, my friend, had sent me a text message. Our lecturer, Professor Phil, whose class is from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M., had told us to prepare for a quiz today, so Chao had texted to inform me of the same. When I checked my watch, it was thirty minutes past 8:00 and I was already very late since it takes thirty minutes to drive from home to school.

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I swiftly got my car keys, ran out of my apartment, and drove off for school. Even the radio was giving me another reminder that it was thirty past eight. I started getting really worried at how late I was going to be for this quiz. As I started driving faster, I realized I forgot to fasten my seatbelt. I didn’t think anything of it and could not have possibly thought that anything could go more wrong so I didn’t buckle up as I thought it would have made me even more late for school. As I drove, I received a massage from my girlfriend who is in China who often wakes me up in the morning and to check on me. I decided to respond back to her to let her know I was getting late for school. I picked up my phone to text back and then bang!! I crashed into a car that was waiting for the traffic signal in front of me. In that moment, my body had severely hit the steering wheel during the impact of the crash. I started shaking as my body was in shock and after trying to realize what just happened.

 I lay numb on the back until my mind could grasp what had happened. I had just smashed my car into another car. As much pain as I was in, I wanted see if anyone else got hurt but my body was so numb that I could not move. I looked around and saw a car parked beside me. There were two black men that were laughing at me and said, “Wow, it’s a Cadillac.”

“Hello Yunsong?” a voice woke me up after being unconscious for a while. I was lying in a bed in the hospital. It was my friend who had come to the hospital after he had been told of my accident. I spent one day in the hospital, and then I was released to go home in a wheelchair, a wheelchair where I would be bound to for about a month.

The accident has undoubtedly made me realize how precious life is. It was a narrow escape from death and it is something that has made me very cautious on the road. It’s taught me that one careless mistake could cost me my life. I have vowed to always wear a seatbelt, slow down on the road, and more importantly, not to text and drive.