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Career Exploration Essay

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Everyone in my life, sooner or later faced with a choice. No matter how difficult it may seem people have to choose. Since childhood, we copied adults, and played different professions. But childhood passes and at one point it was time to think seriously: “What do I want to become?” After some hesitation, I realized that I always had a talent for helping and supporting others. Therefore, I decided to become a nurse.

Since I made my career choice, nursing has become useful to me the most of my life. I am always able to provide my family with basic medical care, and help my parents, as they get older. In the hospital, I am always meeting new people. Even though I am still young, I already managed to gather many useful contacts! On time one of these encounters changed my life and my career goals. One of my patients was a seasoned manager. When he was about to leave, he came up to me and said: you are very good at organizing and managing other people. You should think about taking some management courses. You’d be a good administrator! His words touched me and I decided to follow his advice.

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After enrolling in the MBA program, I took a great liking in management. I am also glad that my Career Interests Profiler results match fit in with my desired career path. I am grateful that at one point in life I got this nudge to try something new. As of now, I want to finish my MBA and become a hospital manager. In the future I’d like to get a Ph.D. in health administration. Life is unpredictable, so I don’t want to make plans for the very distant future. As of right now, I am confidently pursuing my short term goals and feel confident that I made the right decision.

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