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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse practitioners fall under the category of advanced practice registered nurses. Practitioners coordinate patient care and can provide primary and/or secondary care to patients. Nurse practitioners can also focus on prevention, health promotion and overall well-being for patients even after outside the care of a hospital. Nurse practitioners also have the ability to perform medical examinations such as x-rays and lab work; prescribing medication to patients is also a possible job duty. Nurse practitioners must have an above-average knowledge of medicine, dentistry, psychology, communication (in providing customer service), the English language and working knowledge of therapy.

Obtaining this knowledge comes from graduating from a bachelor’s program at the very least, continuing education into a master’s program, passing a certification exam as well as being a licensed registered nurse. For nurse practitioners in particular, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 31 percent projected growth is anticipated for them as well as anesthetists and midwives. The reason for this is attributed to the increase in demand for healthcare services.

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What I want to be when I grow up, as stated, is a nurse practitioner. What I truly value in my life is altruism, selflessness and giving back. People entrust hospitals workers with their lives in an amazing display of trust and fulfilling that role in which people put that trust in me is quite important. These affect my career decision in a positive way as the job description for a nurse practitioner aligns with the values that I live by and stick to daily. My interests are in teaching and aiding people in being the best and healthiest versions of themselves. Taking care of both mind and body is particularly important to me, especially the body. These interests transfer to a career in healthcare in that the primary goal is to take care of others when they need help. I prefer to have variety in my routines as well, as I’m sure that each day will have as an NP and dealing with a plethora of patients suffering from different ailments or illnesses. I prefer variety to keep monotony at bay so as to not be bored in the workplace or any other area of life. This affects my career path as an NP’s job is very hectic and dependent upon working long hours during which anything can happen in a healthcare facility. I enjoy both physical and mental work which is very important for the nurse practitioner profession as an NP will spend much of the day on their feet, have to lift and move patients as well as mental taxation in making critical healthcare decisions.

My own personal strengths for this profession are compassion and dedication as well as being able to think on my feet. This fits well with this career as I will have to make very important and critical decisions, some of which may be life-or-death for a patient. Those patients could also make decisions that have factors someone outside of the medical field would not understand. It takes compassion in explaining certain choices and situations to patients, especially those in distress. My weakness as related to the career is that I am a bit of a bleeding heart and it will take work to not get involved emotionally with patients and circumstances. As healthcare is worldwide, I am not worried about moving locations for any particular career. However, a challenge would be the physical and emotional taxation on my mind and body from working long shifts and seeing people possibly deteriorate right before my eyes. Working long hours would also be negative if I wanted to start a family as my time at home would be limited. In spite of those things, the nurse practitioner is still a good career that aligns with my values and interests.

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