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I would like to pursue a graduate in industrial technology because I am interested in learning more about healthcare-related technologies. What I hope to do with a degree in industrial technology is use my skills learned to work in healthcare operational analysis within a healthcare facility, namely with the facility’s information systems. The work that I see myself doing working in industrial technology would be work that improves people’s lives and make it easier. Healthcare information systems are designed to improve the quality of medical care, reduce human error, increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.

Upon completing the program, I hope to have completed an internship or a co-op that has allowed me to learn a trade, become a more creative and imaginative individual, and give me knowledge to make new developments and give helpful input into any project that I may work on in my career. Soft skills and technical skills are crucial to this profession, such as communication, collaboration, presentation and innovation, all of which I hope to develop throughout my graduate career. I know that the field is highly competitive, so being able to take these skills and turn them into job performance factors that improve healthcare operations and patients’ lives is my goal so that I can set myself apart. I hope to become an industrial engineer in the medical industry, where I can work to develop and design technology using my knowledge of psychology to help healthcare providers to perform their jobs better, enabling patients to live longer, healthier lives.

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Since I hope to work in industrial technology related to healthcare, I would like to develop skills that enable me to be a better team player and understand people, first and foremost. If possible, I would take psychology and/or sociology classes available to me as a part of my specific graduate program or outside of it. I also need to develop science skills, such as in chemistry, as well as technological skills that have to do with engineering, especially in the industrial sense. While it is hard skills that will get me hired (hopefully), soft skills will determine my success. Communicating with others within the healthcare facility is necessary to my job, and despite my technical background, I’ll have to work on a cohesive team to help make operations the best they can be.

I want to pursue a graduate degree not only because my preferred industry and career requires it, but to open myself up to new career experiences. Industrial technology is usually thought of as related to mechanical, electrical and manufacturing industries, but people may not understand that technology is present everywhere. A graduate degree will not only get me started on my path, but also will propel me to a higher level for advancement opportunities that I plan on taking advantage of when they come to me. Master’s degrees are replacing bachelor’s degrees as minimum requirements in several industries and technology is no different. I want to be not on the curve, but ahead of the curve when I start my career. Graduate degrees bring more employment opportunities and a bit of prestige to the career field. I will be proud of myself once I accomplish my degree program, a feat that no one can take away from me. I hope to use my graduate degree in industrial technology to make myself and this world a better place, as I believe that it is what the world needs at the moment.

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