Career Goal

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Three years ago, I found myself at a crossroads that would not only change the course of my life but would also allow me to teach my children to view challenges as opportunities rather than roadblocks. As I walked through the door at Laguardia Community College to register for the GED program, I knew that no one would fault me for turning and walking back out. As a single mother of four, I realized that most people did not expect more from me than to maintain some form of employment while tending to my children. I knew that it would be socially acceptable for me to settle into a lower socioeconomic status group and anticipate a life that was dependent on the government assistance programs. I knew that I could easily accept this course of life, but I also knew that I would not feel complete. I continued walking forward and, upon completing the GED program, I decided that forward was the only way to go. Immediately, I registered for college courses and, since that moment, every challenge has not only been an opportunity in itself but has also opened up new and exciting opportunities and avenues for growth.

Presently, I am employed as a cleaning lady and pursuing my CNA as an entrance way into the nursing profession. While still making certain that my children are taken care of, I am able to maintain honor roll status in my courses, make time to volunteer at the local nursing home and teach karate to children and adults. I believe that excelling in each of these roles is critical to my success and ability to continue to move forward in life. As a mother, I believe that each of these additional roles serves to teach my children the fundamental skill of overcoming obstacles. As a student, I feel that the ability to apply myself to multiple interests has improved my time management skills and driven my decision to pursue my RN. Volunteering at the nursing home has helped me to fulfill my passion for helping others while opening my eyes to many of the tasks that are involved in nursing. Finally, my role as a karate instructor has allowed me to help to empower others through physical and emotional exercises. Just as I depended on these exercises to gain my confidence to leave a toxic marriage and step out on my own as a single mother, I continue to depend on these exercises every day to conquer my fears and achieve my goals.

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At this point, I am clear of the course of my next opportunities. Combining my personal experiences and passions with the idea that I desire to make my children proud and be able to better provide for them, nursing school has become the next logical step. However, simply attending nursing school does not mean that I will be adequately prepared to meet the needs of the patients and add value to the nursing profession. Instead, it is necessary to receive an education from an institution that emphasizes all aspects of the nursing profession from evidence-based practices to patient advocacy. After careful research, I have found that this education must come from Hunter College as it is one of the top CUNY schools in the city, state, and country. I believe that the curriculum is designed to promote the best possible outcomes for the students and, as a result, for the patients as I transition into practice. I strongly feel that I will be able to meet the needs of the patients as well as add content, insight, and value to the nursing profession by completing the RN program at Hunter College.

Moving forward, beyond my RN degree, I anticipate that I will be able to better provide for my children, help more people than I can in a volunteer role, and continue to promote the confidence and empowerment of others. I believe that I will be able to add to the nursing profession through continued research and implementation of evidence-based practices. I plan to participate in professional nursing associations and continue to stay involved with the enrichment opportunities at Hunter College. Through these areas of continued education and participation, I believe that I will be able to fulfill the requirements of a professional nurse as well as meet my personal desire to help others and provide for my family. With the support and guidance from your faculty, I believe that I can surpass these goals and make your institution, as well as myself, proud of our collaborative efforts.

I began this declaration with a straightforward discussion of the many obstacles that I have faced because I feel that these obstacles have defined my pursuits. Being a single mother may carry a certain social connotation that would allow me to fall short of reaching my goals but I believe that this has been the force behind my drive. I will not allow myself to become less than I know I can be simply because my course of life has been bumpy. Instead, the opposite is true. I will use these bumps as a springboard towards becoming an RN. I want to become an RN because I know that I can fulfill the requirements with dedication and passion. I want to reach this goal through Hunter College because I want to become the best RN that I can possible become. I do not want or expect this to be easy. I want to know, upon completion of your program, that I have, once again, surpassed the social expectations and given my children a solid example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

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