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What did you learn about this organization that would help you during an interview there?
From my Internet research I learned from the Indeed page I was able to note that most of the people posting really enjoyed working there, and there was a lot of use of terms like “diverse”, “international”, “constant change”, “teams” and “fun”. The PayPal page regarding their culture was also informative. I think that the sense of the culture which I was able to get by reading many, many reviews was that there are two aspects to working at PayPal. The first is to be very good at what you do, while the second is to not take yourself too seriously. I think it sounds like a very different environment from the traditional financial companies.

What internet sources did you use to obtain this information?
Internet sources that I used to obtain this information include a Google search using the phrase “working for PayPal”. The results included a page from PayPal’s human resources website indicating reasons to work for PayPal, but more importantly it also included reviews of working on PayPal and blogs.

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Armed with this information, what aspects of your background do you think might appeal to this company’s recruiter?
Given this information I think that aspects of my background that might appeal to PayPal recruiters include the fact that I have travelled abroad and enjoy travel to new places. I think as well that my qualifications and competence in finance will be a strong attraction, as well as the advancement that I made in previous positions which shows my willingness to learn quickly.

Based on what you’ve learned about this company’s culture, what aspects of your personality should you try to highlight during interview?
Areas of my personality which I should highlight are my curiosity, my social skills and interest in people, and my passion for travel and exploring the world. I am interested in other cultures and learning to work closely with people from diverse backgrounds on an international team. I am also very easy going and do not get excited easily. I enjoy being part of productive group. On the other hand, if I feel things are not getting somewhere I tend to step up and take a leadership role.