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I am a Registered Nurse, currently pursuing Bachelors in Nursing. I have an Associate Degree in Nursing Once I complete my Bachelors, I hope to proceed to do my Masters in Nursing so as to practice as a family nurse practitioner. My career map to becoming a family nurse practitioner will require me to complete my full time four year studying both in the classroom and in clinical practice learning. After successful completion of my associate degree, I will study for an additional three to six years to attain a master’s degree in nursing. Nursing practitioners undertake specialized practice. A master’s degree will enable me to gain competence in knowledge and practice of family nursing.

The graduate program will expose me to in-depth courses such as diagnosis, anatomy, pharmacology, and ethics in medicine. It will also include extensive clinical training for the practical aspect of family nursing practice. Among the several specialties in nursing, my graduate program specialty will be family and primary care. Many graduate schools require nursing practitioner candidates to have some years of experience as registered nurses. Therefore, I will identify a training facility that will meet my training requirements and adequately prepare me for my future career as a family nurse practitioner.

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I look forward to wide clinical experience during my graduate program and to learn as much as possible in the course of my study. Although the one-year residency program is optional after completion of my associate degree, I will take it up to enhance my skills in my aspired field of practice. It will adequately prepare me for my supervised clinical experience. An important aspect of my career progression is licensing. Licensing in family nurse practice will require my graduation, board approval and certification, and a satisfactory score in the state exam. Hence, I look forward to completing all these stages successfully in order to finally become a nurse practitioner.

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