Career Planning Counsel for a Teenager

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Teenage career choice crises are not uncommon. The main reason for this scenario could be associated with the various choices, the existing popular career paths, parent-teen conflicts, limited information, and typical teenage indecision, among others. In this case, the 17 year old and the parents have reached a point of conflicting thoughts as regards the best way to handle his career plan. Coupled by a lack of desire to continue with school, the expectations of the child and the seniors seem to head to different directions. However, there is one area of convergence of their ideas. Both the parties want progress in the teenager’s career, stability, and prosperity.

For this reason, a counselor ought to carry a number of fundamental pieces of information, skills, and advice while dealing with the young man who is fast approaching adulthood. The first item in the process of career, professional, and educational counselling advancement is to consider the relationship between the area of work, or career, and the interest or passion (“Capella Learning and Career Outcomes – Home,” 2016). Many people end up not liking or enjoying their day job because it does not match their passion. The problem, in this scenario begins at an early age of career planning. Secondly, the type of skilled that a person possesses can work to boost their ability to enjoy, as well as be effective, in their chosen career (Brown & Brown, 2012). Essentially, it is important to contribute positively to one’s overall profession or working environment. A sharpened skill helps towards this direction. Lastly, a counsellor needs statistical information to help them infer and provide evidence-based counseling.

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Helpful resources and Follow-up
Teenagers are energetic, explorative, flexible, and enthusiastic about something they enjoy doing if there is a deliberate and voluntary focus (Fitzpatrick & Costantini, 2011). At the same time, it is a critical age at which they ought to make suitable career considerations. However, there is a need for more information and guidance to be availed to them. Another important fact is that young people have the inherent need for help and guidance from senior people including parents, role models, relatives, successful peers, and counsellors (Fitzpatrick & Costantini, 2011). These, packaged together in a helpful manner, will go a long way in helping the teenager and the family to take the right steps going forward (“Capella Learning and Career Outcomes – Home,” 2016). Some of the most important resources include expert generated personality and skill assessment platforms, career library, recruitment agencies, and specific-interest groups. In addition to these, a guidance process needs to be initiated so that teenager can be directed towards a well-considered choice for career planning. With this in mind, it is possible to create an assessment and follow up plan at every stage.

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