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Case Study: Mr. Jones

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As a family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), I focus on the application of the best three principles with the goal of ensuring that Mr. Jones receives safe and high quality care. Based on the scenario, the first principle that I would apply would be about executing EBP guidelines when caring for Mr. Jones, who has been diagnosed with three healthcare conditions. This principle applies in this case since it is recommended that FNPs should always use nursing strategies that are supported by findings from scientific studies. An effective plan to care for Mr. Jones would be designed based on the EBP guidelines of agencies, for example, ADA and JNC.

The second principle that would be important in the case is regarding overcoming hurdles that are clear in this context. These are language variations, cultural variations, and low literacy level. This choice is appropriate on the grounds that the patient has recently come to the US and is characterized by little knowledge of English. In addition, since he comes from a different cultural background, such differences may result in difficulties in providing safe and high quality care. As a FNP, I would focus on understanding Mr. Jones’ culture and use an interpreter to ensure that there is effective communication.

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Third, I would choose the principle of establishing a friendly relationship with him with the goal of letting him realize that I am concerned about all facets of his life that collectively contribute to good health status. This principle applies since it has been suggested that health outcomes of a person are influenced by many factors, such as social and economic issues. In this context, I would invest in knowing his immediate family and individuals that take support him at home. Thereafter, I would educate his family support team and him about the strategies for providing safe and quality care.