Causes of the Civil War

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The American Civil War which took place in the years 1820-1860 happened to be a significant event in the history of the USA. The traditional methodology of researching its causes touches a wide range of problems which existed in various states of the country in that period. While the consequences of the long-lasting opposition were fundamental and included the abolishment of slavery, the changes in the political system and the unity of the nation, the reasons which brought the society to military actions were conflicting and powerful in their causal relationship. The timeline of events which led to the aggression of the Civil War included political, economic and social factors which turned people against each other.

The causes of the war implicated the high spread of slavery across the country, the limitations of Americans in their rights, the variety of freedoms in different states, the problematic perception of new territories under the control of the USA and active protectionism policy. According to Christopher Olsen, the main reason of war conflict was the fast expansion of slavery and dissatisfaction of people in the actions of government which could not control the global nature of the conflict by itself (Olsen 15). Also, different states had different rights. The south wanted the separate sovereignty of the states while the north claimed that Americans had to be controlled only by the constitution in their activities.

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People in the north of the country did not need slavery because they had the industrial characteristic of their economy. And in the south people needed slaves to improve the standards of their agricultural farms which played a significant role in their lives. At the same time, the south paid large tariffs on their goods. James McPherson mentioned that violent confrontation between the south and the north of the USA had its predisposition in the opposing views on all the law-making principles. (McPherson 3).

All in all, the factors which brought the USA to the largest Civil War on the continent, which resulted in the categorical separation of people on a political, economic and social background.

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