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Like any other organization, health care organizations have goals set that they need to meet to succeed. Indeed, for an organization to succeed in achieving desired objectives, organizational change is essential (Byers & White, 2004). Health care service organizations have various processes that include, financial, environmental, and Patient Safety. As such, health care institutions need an organizational change in Health Care quality process to improve patient safety. Indeed, it is essential for healthcare organizations to stop focusing more on profitability and rather focus on quality health care for patient’s safety and satisfaction. Therefore, there is the need to have a healthy strategic care process change to increase healthcare value and patient’s safety and satisfaction. Further, health service organizations alt to introduce the use of modern information technology to ensure patient’s safety. Use of modern data in making prescriptions would minimize medical and diagnosis errors. Patients would spend less time queuing in health centers, and information would flow easily. Further, use of instant data entry reduces wrong medication as well. Consequently, health institutions would improve quality and safety to patients by changing patients’ safety process from the old paper systems into modern facilities and information technologyю

Change has to come from within the healthcare organization. The whole health service organization team has a role to play including individuals, groups, departments and stakeholders. Nevertheless, there are persons who influence the process quality health more than others. For sure, individuals like physicians have a great influence in putting in place the set of interdependent steps required to improve quality health value, since medical administration determines the ultimate value (Vincent, 2010).

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Moreover, stakeholders are influenced by the process. In fact, working on changing health care process on improving the quality will create other agendas. In reality, changing health care into quality and valuable health care will include the health system financing. There must be a change in technical systems to improve patient’s safety and use of modern technology to improve on service and accuracy. Use of modern technology systems would save filing time and streamline medication process.

The current consequence of patient safety change process is patient satisfaction. Indeed, the process is effective in providing accurate diagnosis faster thus saving time. Staff and patient relationships have improved, and health providers are taking enough time to attend to each patient. In other words, the patient safety change process is effective in increasing patient satisfaction and quality service. However, some individual staff has not adapted to this change process thus slowing down the process. More so some members of staff are experiencing burn out as they work hard to ensure the change process works without errors that would have a negative impact on patient’s safety. Other health workers are afraid of consulting when not sure of how to implement the new process thus applying trial by error ideologies. However, implementing strategic changes in patient safety process will require several changes. Clinical procedures would have to be redesigned to avoid and make errors more visible. Also, interaction patterns would be changed to ensure psychological safety communicate while discussing errors and seeking help. Clinical structures would also need to change to adapt the new process. Information systems would also change to facilitate better information storage, retrieval of medical analysis. Employees’ roles must change as well to match patient safety realities by being more accountable and committed.

According to research, the most important potential consequences of the change would be patient satisfaction. Still, there are negative and positive consequences (Croskerry, 2009). Failure of health team to adapt and fear to make errors in the new process is some of the negative processes. Also, some individuals might experience burnout and anxiety as they strive to avoid errors and provide quality value health care to patients. There are various positive consequences as well. For instance, health workers have adapted well and influenced the whole team in making the patient safety change process work. Work interaction and communication has improved, and all those involved are working as a team. Patients are satisfied and getting more value of their money and customer service has improved. Indeed, I feel the positives outweigh the negatives in that the health center organization realizes its goal of giving quality value to patients as the ultimate customer.

The current quality management and the process of improving patient safety will affect patients as they experience safety, comfort, value and satisfaction. With advanced and accurate diagnosis and reduced errors in medication, patient’s health is going to have a positive effect. The health facility will upgrade and realize more revenue as well. Therefore, the benefits of change will be valuable quality health care and increased patient satisfaction. Health providers will also gain knowledge and experience. Indeed, the health care organization public relations will benefit from all those involved work as a team. Health workers working conditions will improve with improved technology and modern facilities.

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