Characteristics of Christianity

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As the biggest religion in the world, Christianity has been deemed interesting by many people today. One of the most interesting aspects of the religion is the presence of a living God (Jenkins, 2011). In many religions, God exists as a historical figure, but Christianity allows for an active relationship between adherents and God. In addition, Jesus existed both as a moral teacher and a religious leader.

He came to earth with many different purposes, as he purported to teach the gospel while also dying for the salvation of Christians (Johnson, 2012). Some would probably say that the most interesting characteristic of Christianity is the way in which there are so many different sects. In many religions, there is only one doctrine that adherents can adopt. With Christianity, though, adherents could be Catholic, Protestant, or even Anglican (Crossan, 2010). Christianity is also interesting because of its relationship with the Roman Empire. The religion’s development was largely influenced by the power of the Roman Empire, and the religion later had a major impact on the development of the empire itself. The relationship was symbiotic, with each side changing the other in some meaningful way (Gonzalez, 2010).

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Lastly, Christianity has one interesting modern characteristic. It is currently a highly politicized religion. Many religious movements exist and persist outside of the mainstream political sphere. Christianity is different, though, as it has been used by different political groups over the course of time to justify a wide range of different policy initiatives (Reed, 2013).

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