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Cloud Computing And Its Possibilities

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Cloud computing has brought new possibilities in the computing world. Through remote storage, life has been made a lot easier (Haag & Cummings, 2013). If the cloud was to disappear, I would be affected in, many ways. To start with, I have most of my personal documents archived and stored in the cloud. Some of these include my school certificates. Therefore, the disappearance of the cloud will make me panic. Not only that, so many photographs documenting my life from a young age until now are stored in the cloud. Therefore, if the servers were to disappear, I would lose many dear and fond memories from my past. The through of losing my photographs and personal documents will be quite devastating.

The disappearance of the cloud will affect how I go about my daily business. At present, the cloud is the only reliable back up for my mails and other important files. Therefore, I will lose a lot of important information. For businesses, and other professionals, the disappearance of the cloud would mean that they will have to spend more on conventional kind of servers. In addition, they will lose crucial information which might lead to losses arising from inconveniences.

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The advantages and disadvantages listed on the site (LevelCloud) have influenced my perception about the technology (2017). Due to the convenience that it poses to the computing world, I believe the technology is one of the best innovations in recent times. In addition, the factor that it reduces the costs of operations makes it an ideal option for business which have to reduce their overheads to improve their margins of profits. The disadvantages of the technology can be minimized thus they have no significant impact on my thoughts about the technology.

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