Cold War And Civil Rights Movements

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The cold war generated an overall atmosphere of alarm which was vigor in contradiction of transformation of every kind. The people working for the civil rights movement received a lot of accusations of communism. The people accused of being communist were under surveillance, some of them were taken through investigations and wiretapped. The Vietnam War to some people was an exclusion of the black men by the white men through sending them to war to be killed or to kill other people. The cold war began through propaganda between the USSR and the United States of America, the spreading of wrong information from one country to another was the vital instigator of the Cold War. The initial motive of the countries was to win support from people abroad and also converts, mainly in the third world countries. Communism was a way of suppressing democracy and even a violation of human rights (Dudziak, 2011). The eastern bloc was weak compared to their western counterpart; therefore, the American propagandists used this fact as a way of using one side to attack the other.

In the south the black American were poorly treated especially under Jim Crow, this move gave the propagandists powerful tool to counter-charge against America. African diplomats were also given the same treatment as the black American because they had no permission to visit restaurants, access to housing, plus other humiliations that others had suffered for years. The United States of America was treating people who would be their potential allies with embarrassment yet they expected them to support them instead of the Soviets. The cold war played a part in aligning America’s foreign policy interests with the noble ambition toward racial fairness. The civil rights movement had quite some motivators apart from the cold war; the NAACP was trying to bring an end to segregation and racism.

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How the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War were connected to one another. What are two important connections between either the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement, or the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War?
The cold war and the civil rights movement have the same place in history. The cold war molded the civil rights movement and made it thrive because during the war the United States was facing immense pressure internationally to stop the action. The United States was at the time humiliating civil rights activists hence the tremendous pressure to treat all its citizens equally. The cold war came about because of the military and political tension between the Soviet Union and the United States and their allies.

The U.S and the Soviet Union did not fight directly but countries like Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan had regional wars especially where the Soviet Union and the United States has support. The United States is a capitalist country defended the freedom and independence of its citizens while the Soviet Union was using the communism way of treating its citizens, they did not enjoy any democracy and the state had all the powers (Gerstle, 2002). McCarthyism is a practice of creating false accusations against a country and supporting communism without any clear evidence. Americans saw communism as a threat, and they were afraid of it spreading to their country and globally; however it was not long before McCarthyism took the US by storm because people began accusing ache other of supporting the Russian union agenda.

The civil rights movement was a community movement that started in the US in the year 1950 to 1960; its primary plan was to bring to an end the discrimination and ethnic segregation in the country plus make sure that all Americans black and white enjoy equal rights. The United States was not providing equal rights for its people but was on the front line fighting the Soviet Union for violating people’s rights in the third world countries. The Cold war within the Soviet Union and the U.S instigated regional wars in other countries which were not right because they were the ones with issues with one another (2003). The reaction of the leaders in the United States towards the actions of the Soviet Union led to problems in their backyard coming up. It was not right that the country was criticizing other people’s flaws while the same issues were going on their own country. The cold war gave life to the civil rights movement therefor the two events have the same place in history.

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