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Collaboration and Leadership

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Leadership and collaboration is very important in any situation and helps each individual involved become better with working as a group and as a team because many individuals may have to work in a job or place of business where they will have to work as a group and with other members of the business to complete a business job. Leadership helps an individual understand the importance of being on a team. Being on a team for an homework or job tin(can) help get the job done quicker and easier since there are more individuals involved with the homework or job.

An experience in which I have exercised leadership and collaboration was when I was in middle school, we had a major project that needed to be completed in a week and had to work with a group and work as a team. Each day we took turns so that each member of the group could be a leader working with the activities and what needed to be done for that day. Included in my parting of the job and being the team leader, I made outlines for the day’s homework in hopes to reach some important goals to reach the deadline of the homework and I also assigned other members to do specific things that needed to be done to get the team that much closer to the deadline and have the homework done and turned in on time as was required by the school.

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In closing, it was important for each individual to play a parting in being on the team and in the group. Each individual had his or hers assigned tasks to do for each day to complete the homework as a group and team in order to reach the deadline for successful completion of the assigned group task.