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College And Employment Opportunities

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Attending college today can be very expensive. And it is not simply the tuition that college students need money for. Today’s students need money for books and school supplies as well as the latest gadgets, technology and spending money. To acquire the money that they need to enjoy their college experience, many students get jobs. It may be beneficial for students to select the best employment opportunities for them. But what are there enough quality employment opportunities for college students? Throughout this proposal, I will suggest the reasons for better employment opportunities for today’s college students.

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It is important to note that today’s college students are the working professionals of tomorrow. But are they acquiring the best on-the-job work experience possible while they are attending college. In my opinion, the answer is no. The employment opportunities available to college students today tend to be simply to acquire a little extra spending money with making the most use of the student’s skills or allowing the student to contribute effectively to the work environment.

In the article “The 10 Best Jobs for College Students” by Ni ole Fallon appearing on the Business News Daily website states ten of the best employment opportunities available for college students today. The list of employment opportunities includes: 1) tutor, 2) office assistant, 3) babysitter, 4) fitness instructor, 5) campus tour guide, 6) teaching assistant/grader, 7) computer repair, 8) freelance writer, 9) retail salesperson, and 10) resident assistant. But how do these opportunities really benefit the college other than allowing them to save up some money? A tutoring position can give students a chance to hone skills such as leadership and teaching. And the computer repair position can give students majoring in computer science some ‘on-the-job’ experience that they may use in their full time position after graduating from college or as supplemental income in the future beyond college. The rest of the positions, however, I believe simply serve to help students acquire extra spending money while doing little to enhance their skills or give them the type of work experience that they will need in the future.

The article “8 College Jobs to Build Skills, Network” appearing on the U.S. New and World Report Online site gives a list of jobs that are more beneficial to college students than the traditional forms of employment available to them because these jobs help to enhance some skills that they will use in the workforce. This article list the eight jobs for college students as the following: 1) social media coordinator, 2) campus brand ambassador, 3) help desk staffer or computer sales person, 4) office of institutional research assistant, 5) career center staffer, 6) child care provider, 7) student athletic trainer, and 8) chief executive of your own start-up. In my opinion these jobs for college students are significantly more beneficial for the college student that the employment opportunities listed in the previously mentioned article. These employment opportunities serve the function of helping to build vital skills in research, sports medicine, and more which student can use in their careers or to start their own business. It is easy to see being the chief executive of your own start up while in college can prepare a college student to have a lucrative management or executive position later in life. In addition, the college student also acquires skills that will allow him or her to run his or her own business.

Why is it important for there to be better employment opportunities for college students?
College is supposed to prepare students for the workforce. However, the menial jobs that college students can get today are not adequately preparing them for the workforce. Because the current jobs available to college students are not adequately preparing them for the workforce, many graduates are surprised to find out what job prospects await them when they get out of college and what their daily tasks are going to be. Some types of employment can help college students select the right major and develop on the jobs skills that will help them in their future endeavors. Therefore, there needs to be better employment options for college students that develop their skills instead of simply paying them spending money.

College students are ripe with new ideas and ways of thinking. Thus, employing college students in more important role can allow the college student to contribute to the work environment and maybe even make a significant difference to that employer, business, or field of study. College student often research topics, develop theses, and more. Allowing college students to obtain jobs that more readily enhance their skills and allow them to use their studies can, therefore, benefit the business environment as well.

College students should have employment opportunities that enhance their skills and prepare them for the work environment after college. Today’s jobs for college student primarily give the extra spending money without many other benefits. Therefore, we need to concentrate on ensuring that there are better employment options for college students.

Some may argue that college students will be in the workforce soon and have a significant amount of time to develop their skills; therefore, while in college, part time jobs serve the function of providing spending money. However, I believe that the on-the-job experience provided by better employment opportunities for college students will give them the opportunity to make better choices for courses and majors so that they can enter the workforce in a field in which they would like to remain.

The employment opportunities available for college students today fall short of providing them with the work experience that they need to enhance their skills and help them choose the right fields and careers for them. Instead, the employment opportunities for college students today simply provide them with a little extra income to get them through school. Many jobs for college student include things such as baby sitting and being an office assistant. I do not feel that simply providing extra spending money or even tuition should be seen as the only function of employment for college students. Students attend college to gain the skills and education that they need to prepare them for the workforce. Because college is a time that helps to prepare students for the workforce, employment opportunities should be available to college students along these lines. Employment opportunities for college students that help to cultivate the skills that these students will use in their future employment should be seen as just as significant to a college education as the classes that the student takes. Not only will providing college students with better employment opportunities more adequately prepare them for their future job endeavors, it also allows college students to contribute more effectively to the work environment which will benefit the employer as well as the student. Thus, we need to ensure that there are more beneficial forms of employment available for college students.

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