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I write the application with the firm belief that I would be an ideal candidate for Florida State University. I seek to work hard and well at all tasks which befall me and am consistently attempting to inspire others in order to achieve their potential. This potential is something which I believe can be realised best in service to others, both within one’s immediate environment and within the global community as a whole. As this statement shows, I feel that any consideration of either learning, leadership, service or global awareness will inevitability involve a consideration of each other the other concepts. These concepts do not function in isolation, and each one of them is necessary if one is to conceive of what it may be like to work and live in a progressive society and a healthy and active institution. Having said this, I believe that a capacity to learn and an interest in open-minded study may be the most important of these characteristics. I say this because I believe that it may also already contain most obviously a belief in the other concept offered. In order to learn well then one must have an awareness of the global historical context within which study takes place and one must also have an ability to be taught. This means that one must have a sense of humility and an inherent understanding of leadership. I believe firmly that the best leaders are also those who are able to recognise authority themselves and therefore to be able to be able to inspire it in others. As such, a leader must also be a learner. Finally, I believe that learning, when it is most effective, is conducted with regard to solving particular problems and therefore that, as a condition of its possibility, learning is deeply involved in an idea of service. Therefore, although I consider each concept to be vitally important, I would state that learning is the most important and integral in a holistic view of both individuals and institutions.

During my time at high-school, I found myself already possessing this conviction as to the nature of learning, and applied it when going about my academic work. The subject that I found most difficult during these years was mathematics. I did not find that the subject came easily to me and I would often find it difficult to understand exactly what was being taught and how I could apply it to my own life and my desire to employ learning in the service of the world. However, I did not allow this difficulty to put me off my commitment to a holistic and thorough education. Rather, I took extra classes and made sure that I received all of the help which I needed in order to keep up with the classes which were taught and maintained a standard of success in the subject which I still feel that I may be proud of.

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It is this belief in academic integrity, hard work and a desire to learn well that draws me most of all to Auburn University. The institution is known for its world class academic programme, as well as promoting a holistic and careful view of education and of its own position in the wider context of global politics and intellectual life. In particular I am drawn to the NROTC, as it embodies the values and aspirations which I have previously sought to make central to my life: the values of honour, dignity, honesty and service. These are values which I aspire to uphold throughout my life and which I continuously hope to inspire in those around me, both in my academic life and in the my own wider context.