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Coming Of Age Essay

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Ganguli experienced a disenchanted American dream due to the experience that was received while in the country. While in America, it was difficult to identify herself as either American or Indian. Additionally, while in America, she often feels lost which made her realize the American dream was that of her husband and not hers. Many people experience cultural changes in their lives which interfere with their identity and their overall self-esteem. Ganguli was unable to adapt to the changes in environment quickly which would be seen through the changes in the type of foods that are taken in the American culture as opposed to India. Additionally, more changes were experienced in the modes of dressing which showed her different as compared to the other people in the culture.

Gogol has never lived closer to his family which affected his life during his teenage life and adult life. Living closer to family is an important aspect of anyone’s life as one is able to determine his needs in his life. Gogol was unable to develop a strong bond between him and his family as a teenager which reduced the increasing barrier to growth and development for him as an adult. Gogol’s life is affected by this fact as he grows not interacting with family and adapting to a new culture which also affects his college life as he interacts with people from the United States. This situation compares to his parents who never lived closer to their families for years.

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Most of such cases occur to people who look to have a better life in the future through improved education and better living standards in other countries. For example, leaving their home country and heading to the United States was for better education. However, in the long run, their cultures are affected and the people are unable to determine the outcome of their move to the country in the long run.