Computer Ethics in the Workplace

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Debra Kraft’s article ‘Employees and Ethics with Computers’ provides an interactive platform for reviewing the subject of computer ethics in the workplace. According to Kraft, most employees are expected to use computer resources just the way they use them at their homes (Kraft, 2017). However, using such resources can subject their companies and jobs to risks. For instance, an inappropriate use of computer and related resources could jeopardize the security of data of a company, prevent a company from conducting its businesses, and even force some workers to claim that they have been harrassed.

Kraft sheds light on personal Internet usage stating that having Internet access does not offer a free ticket for surfing the Web (Kraft, 2017). Employees who use the Internet for personal issues like online shopping could slow down the effectiveness of organizational undertakings. Also, the article touches on the use of emails stating that sensitive corporate information should not be shared through emails, not unless they have been encrypted. Other things that have been discussed in the article include the issue of harassment, training, development of policies, and privacy (Kraft, 2017). The core message that is being passed is that workers should uphold the ethical use of computers and systems while in the workplace because it is the best way of apprehending the security and an effective use.

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This article touches on ethical use of computer resources. The subject under consideration is significant in the sense that it encourages workers to operate within their ethical limits because it is the best way of making sure that organizational goals are attained. Personally, I have encountered a wide range of situations where workers use computer resources for unintended purposes. For instance, a friend of mine has been taking advantage of the free WI-Fi network in his office to run blogs, yet it has nothing to do with what his organization does. I have always found that ethical because it increases the risks of subjecting the organizational networks to cyber-attacks by creating loopholes.

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