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Computer ethics are extremely important for a business, a company, and individuals to follow if they want to stay within the legal bounds of the country and do things that will not get them in trouble. While computational software has been relatively young, the FBI and government has been pushing for more awareness since 2000. In 2000, the FBI actually wanted to start programs that would educate youths on hacking, vandalism, and cyberspace so that they’d be able to deal with the challenges that operating on a device comes with (Hopper, 2000). One of the main concerns with the FBI was that children would grow into adulthood not knowing how to operate these computers and that this would cause something bad to happen, like a major hack and theft through cyberspace. Perhaps the FBI was right, as Bitcoin, a revolutionary piece of technology that is allowing people to create a new asset class, is being hacked by North Korea in order to fund their nuclear program (“North Korean,” 2017).

Thankfully, we have a bunch of experts who have picked up on this and are creating ways to block these hackers through use of electronic wallets, basically a safe on one’s computer. Additionally, Wikileaks has been in the news for their hacking activities of several high profile persons of interest (Geller, 2016). While Wikileaks isn’t a company in the U.S. and doesn’t really have anything to do with cyber ethics, many U.S. companies need to be taking it upon themselves in order to implement stronger securities if they want to uphold stronger cyberethics and protect their customers and workers. This is important because cyber ethics will only get bigger in the future and will only become more of a problem as we move into the future of technology and cybersecurity. This is evident in things like businesses to banks to personal accounts.

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