Computer Hardware and Software

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Computer hardware and software for an investment firm
Choice and reasons for selecting them
In the modern business world, technology is crucial for effective and efficient performance of tasks. There are certain hardware and software products that are critical for financial investments. They are desktop publishing, word processing, and Desktop. I have chosen desktop publishing programs because they produce professional high-quality products for layouts, such as brochures, forms, and newsletters. Thus, there would be many clients, increasing my profits. A word processing program has been chosen for the reason that they are important in editing documents before they are published. The desktop is important because it is vital in areas where power is a challenge. In addition, a desktop is easier to operate than a laptop and will be ideal for desktop publishing program, which is a major program for the investment firm. Personal information manager is another essential software. This has been chosen due to the fact that many people lose their electronics equipment, and this would be critical in unlocking them. This makes the above programs ideal for a financial investment firm. Laptops would be crucial hardware in the investment company. This is because the software will be installed on them to perform the functions anticipated.

Storage for the system
Windows 8 would be recommended for use and should have the following characteristics: A processor: 2GHz, RAM 2GB or 64bits, hard disk: 64 GB and Graphics card, which should be Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver. The Internet access should be provided and might cost some money. In addition, there are other features that should be downloaded, such as Window Media Center, BitLocker, and Microsoft account. It is important to install computer peripherals, such as CD-ROM, drives, keyboards, pointing devices, and network devices. The business will be operated from one place, whereby different customers would be visiting it.

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The internet network will be comprised of three types of components, which includes end, intermediary, and network media. The end devices refer to the computers and laptops. The intermediary devices will provide connectivity and ensure that data flow across the network and is able to connect to multiple end appliances. They include network access devices, such as switches, internetworking devices, such as routers and security devices, such as firewalls that protect computers from internal threats like viruses. Media network refers to the medium that provides channels through which messages travel. The firm would be required to acquire metallic wires within cables, Fiber, and Wireless transmission.

Security of the system
The security of the system will entail both physical and data security. External breaches, such as hawkers may be prevented by installing quality doors and locks, alarms, security lighting or CCTV around the premise, supervising visitors to control the number of people who visit the premises and securing waste papers and portable equipment to prevent people from accessing information from papers.
With regard to data security, password should be used and given to each user and inform them that it is not right to reveal them to non-users. The firm should use inscriptions in files that contain financial statements and other firm records to secure them in case the system would be stolen.

Components of hardware
Hardware components will include the mouse, monitor, hard drive disk, and system units, such as motherboard, and chips. The Keyboard is a crucial hardware part and should be among the components.

Benefits of desktop publishing program
One of the advantages of using a desktop publishing program is that there is adequate control of the layout of publication than when word processing is used. In addition, many templates can be produced, implying that one can easily create professional looking publications. It is necessary for the text to fit in the space provided. It cuts down cost if it is correctly used. It also gives the editor easier time when editing and increases versatility.

Benefits of word processing program
Word processor is beneficial because it is easy to make corrections using it. Many application tools can be used to improve the accuracy of a document. Through word processor, it is easy to import data from a spreadsheet and utilize it to do a mail merge. One can personalize templates to fit his or her own style. Data are saved and can be easily retrieved for reference. Nonetheless, one can edit work as many times as he or she wishes. The program is portable and cost effective for the reason that, in case of a challenge one can get a solution online.

Benefits of a desktop
One of the benefits of a desktop is that its spare parts and extensions are standardised. For instance, the size of a keyboard is standardized. In addition, desktops are cheaper compared with laptops. Notably, power consumption in a desktop is not as fast as it is in laptops because it provides ample space for cooling the fan than laptops.

Benefits of laptops
Laptops are portable, implying that one can move from one place to another and do the work using laptops. Their network reception is relatively high due to high speed. They are faster compared to desktops other computers. They can store power for an extended period of time compared with other types of computers. Finally, Laptops are user-friendly.

Benefits of personal information manager
Personal information manager is advantageous because one is able to track a lost item, reducing theft cases. In addition, if a person has forgotten his or her personal information, it is easy to retrieve them using the program. It is portable, implying it can be transported easily.

Cost of hardware and software for an investment, including installation cost from

Item Cost
2 Lenovo @ $600.89=1201.78
Personal information manager $1900
2 HP printers @524.11=1048.22
2 desktops  @ $ 379.99=759.98
Word processor $780
Desktop publishing program $900
Installation cost $170
Total cost $ 6000

Argos Computer Services is cheaper compared with others, such as PC World and Carphone Warehouse, and it is Company is more affordable. The Carphone Warehouse is 10% more expensive than Argos Company, while PC World is 15% more expensive than Argos firm. This explains why I opted for Argos Company. The information about the durability and efficiency of hardware and software and the cost is derived from International Data Corporation.

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