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Crisis Management Article

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The article examines the significance of social media in crisis management. The authors observe how various researchers have identified different approaches in which social media can be effective in the management of a crisis. Reuter et al. (2018) noted that social media assist in providing information during a crisis. Also, it is stated that social media real-time image streaming and damage assessment plays a major role during times of real-life crisis. It was also provided that during a crisis, uncertainties evolve and social positions affect the collective sense-making social media crisis communication dynamically (Reuter et al., 2018). It was concluded that social media does play an essential role in crisis management and recommended for emergency managers.

There are various events that could occur internationally to cause a crisis. The most common would be natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Since Reuters et al. (2018) claim social media is a good source of information; I would use it to spread relevant information such as breaking news and alerts. It will keep people aware and get them prepared prior to the disaster.

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Another occasion would be a terrorist attack; here, I would use social media to notify people in close proximity to the dangers of their surroundings. I will also post recommended information to guide people on the appropriate measures to take.

During a crisis, people get scared and tend to run when crowds are involved stampedes could be unavoidable. It would be effective to offer people information on the quickest routes to use to get out of crowded areas. I will also encourage them to practice calm even during the worst moments.

A crisis may also occur in institutions such as organizational misdeeds. In such a case, it would be effective to notify affected persons prior to the crisis. However, in the case of misdeeds, the management team should be held accountable. Stakeholders should be encouraged to avoid making rushed decisions and follow appropriate procedures to take action.

Also, rumors could be a cause or form of crisis. They could lead to poor decision making that would lead to more damage. In this case, rumors can be countered by providing legit information to dismiss the false information. Channels through which the rumor spread should be blocked from spreading more falsified information.

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