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Crooked Forest

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I have always wanted to visit the Crooked Forest. This is one of the most mysterious forests in the world. This forest is located in West Pomerania, Poland. One of the unique attributed to this forest is the unique shape of these trees. The forest comprises a strange with curved trees. The forest consists of approximately 400 pine trees that have a distinctive shape. This is because all the trees have 90 degree bend at the lower part of their trunks. After the trunk the trees again rise vertically. The curve of the trees in the forest was the genesis of the name “Crooked Forest”. These trees are surrounded by a collection of straight trees (Alford, 2014).

The advent of the forest is believed to be around 1930. Various theories have been projected as to why these trees are bent toward one direction. However, it is believed that the bend is a result of artificial forces and not entirely nature. It is believed that the trees were left to grow for around ten years before they were held down by the farmers and carpenters. It is believed that the bends could have facilitated making of furniture. However, this did not happen because their plans were interrupted by the Second World War and thus this led to the mystery behind the shape (Alford, 2014). However, there are also other theories that have been fronted to explain the cause of the northwards bend. These include world war two invasions, gravitational pull and the heavy snow theory.

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This is one of the forests that attracts very many visitors in the world. This is mainly because of the unique feature that is characteristic of these pine trees. This is very interesting to many visitors because the trees are hooked at a remarkably similar point and angle. The beauty is also enhanced because of the same-direction bend. These bends occur just a few inches above the ground for the trees. One of the most interesting things that make forest to be very interesting is the blend of ecological abnormalities, ecological factors and science fiction as the major causes of the tree shapes.

One of the outstanding issue that the forest has been related to is the exact cause of its nature. This has led to postulation of various theories to explain the setup of the trees. This has been a major source of controversy and mystery to management authorities of the park. The forest is facing various challenges that are facing the crooked forest today. Some of the challenges are caused by human economic, industrial and cultural activities. Deforestation is one of the challenges that is threatening the forest. This is because this is reducing the stability of the ecological processes in the natural resource and thus leading to instability in the major processes in the forest. Some of the damage has also been cause by pollution as a result of industrial emissions.

In summary, the crooked forest is one of the most mysterious natural resources in the world. This is because of its beauty and adventure. On of the most striking characteristics of the forest is the presence of trees with a unique shape. This forest has existed from around 1930. Consequently, the average age of the trees in the forest is approximately 80 years. The exact cause of the shape of the trees in the forest is not very clear. However, it is strongly believed that the farmers and carpenters manipulated the state of the trees from their use. Environmental conservation challenges are also eminent in the forest. Therefore, Crooked Forest is one of the most beautiful forest to visit in the world. This is attributed to the adventure and pleasure that is offered by the serene environment within the forest.

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