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Culture in Relation to Success of the BMW Group

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In the contemporary business environment, the performance of the companies is not measured by the growth of the revenues on a solely basis, while the attitude of the customers to this specific business unit plays the most critical role. In fact, the preservation of the interests and protection of the interests of the consumers, concerned stakeholders play an essential role for global companies today. The important role of the cultural values is confirmed by the leadership of BWM Group and its staff from year to year. BMW Group is committed to follow its cultural values in communication and cooperation with the customers. The management of the company states that this obligation reveals unrestricted freedom of creative potential, which is crucial for successful business performance of the organization (BMW, 2017).

The role of the maintenance of the cultural values within the organization is proved with the fact that only small amount of people may leave any organization for better place in search of better payment. However, the rest of the individuals will leave any organization in case it is not able to ensure stable and positive environment. In addition, contradiction between cultural values of the individual and company may also serve the reason of leave of any staff member to the other company. From this perspective, BMW Group is looking for stable cultural environment, where the diversified staff members are pleased with their working conditions and terms.

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It should be noted that it is rather hard to show any effect or relation of the culture to the successful performance of the company with the use of statistics. It is believed that staff members from the organizations which pursue strong culture experience report feeling of belonging and engagement. Moreover, they are seemed to be committed to the performance of the organization which is highly important to the overall level of satisfaction of the employees. The culture of the organization forms the way all employees communicate and interact with each other within the organization. The members of the staff of BMW Group report the existence of healthy environment that allows them to share ideas and communicate freely with each other beyond the positions every person holds within the organization. Furthermore, presence of this healthy environment is the key to prolonged motivation that is pursued by the employees. This allows to contribute to the performance of the organization with better productivity and desire to achieve corporate objectives. With that, the maintenance of right cultural values within the organization promotes an emotional connection between an individual and enterprise. This implies that this person will not contemplate leaving of the company in case of such healthy cultural environment that is present in BMW Group.

The significance of the culture in the performance of any organization is undoubtful. It engaged and retains valuable employees as well as affects the corporate performance in positive way. This component is critical for the managers in pursuit of sustainable performance and maintenance of the competitive advantage. In terms of BMW Group, one may agree that the leadership of the organization has already recognized the connection between the performance of the company and preservation of the cultural values of the employees, consumers several years ago. Moreover, this connection is appreciated and is taken into account with introduction of any new activity on behalf of the company. For example, in 2016 BMW Group launched initiative “Opera for All” and set new form of museum in reference to its art project. These programs allow to approach to the needs and interests of the consumers and employees. In addition, the managers of the organization believe that these initiatives create positive experience for employees and consumers with BMW Group (BMW, 2017).

Organizational culture of different levels serves the role of the valuable asset in the resources of the company as well as it drives an effective performance. The cultural commitment of the BMW leadership is reflected in the desire of the managers to develop passion among employees for creation of new products. It is believed that only cultural dimension of the corporate performance may develop this feeling and desire among employees to become a valuable member of the healthy environment. Given the fact that the organization supports cultural diversity, its cultural organization is promoted accordingly to all spheres of the business performance. In particular, the culture of the company extends to the needs and interests of the employees. The staff members have an opportunity to dissent their opinion in freely manner without any fear that this idea will be disregarded. With that, the company openly states that it is interested in the outcomes of the cooperation with every employee. Therefore, the BMW Group states that the cultural orientation and customer loyalty are critically important to the performance of the company.

In conclusion about the relation of the culture to the success of the company, it should be noted that the organization is famous for several Intercultural Commitment Awards. This status honors successful performance of the company in pursuit of different values of the employees and attracts the attention of the consumers. Given the fact that this Award is given to the employees, which bring fresh and innovative ideas with promotion of the cultural values, one may agree that the role of the culture in BMW Group is valuable element of the overall corporate governance and performance.

Finally, one should be aware of the fact that the role of the culture in the successful performance of the company is supported with the fact that the cultural values are included in the sustainability of the company. This fact shows that these values are appreciated in every business model of the organization and nothing allows to the managers to deviate from these values and principles.

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