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Customer satisfaction has to do with how satisfied a customer is by either the goods or services of a company, something that is determined by the number of repeat customers that the company has (Business Dictionary, 2013). A high level of customer satisfaction equals consumer loyalty, which in turn works to increase corporate growth (Pacelli, 2011), and it is able to do so by setting customer expectations, delivering consistent service and using positive language (Impact Learning, 2012). There are four different ways to measure customer satisfaction, including looking at the overall measure of satisfaction experienced by the consumer, a measurement of loyalty, through a series of attribute satisfaction measurements, and a look at the intentions to repurchase; these four different aspects rely on behavioral, affective, cognitive, and emotional measurements (Smith, 2012).

Customer engagement is a marketing concept that refers to how customers engage with different brands, the connections that they make between other consumers of the products, the companies, and the brands and themselves (WiseGeek, 2012). Customer satisfaction and customer engagement are both used in order to work to identify consumer loyalty in order to determine the best way to achieve that loyalty and in turn increase the growth of the company (People Metrics, 2010).

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Through a look at each of these two different concepts, it is possible to see the different ways that companies are able to work with consumers in order to determine what they are doing wrong, what they are doing right, and the best ways to be able to work to increase brand loyalty and in turn, increase the growth of the company itself; if the company has a good grasp of both of these concepts, it will be able to ensure that it remains a steady contender in the business market.

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