Cyber Security Outline

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This paper will be identifying what exactly identity theft is, and how criminals who steal identities are able to get away with this cybercrime. Two ways in which people commit cybercrimes is through phishing and ransomware. Both cybercrimes are used to steal identities online.

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The problem at hand is that thousands of people every year have their identities stolen or fall victim to phishing and ransomware due to lack of knowledge about these crimes. Research into several types of malware will provide insight on how to prevent cyber-attacks, which will in turn provide information on how to avoid identity theft from occurring.

Society is becoming more dependent on technology every day, which in turn means more information is being put online for criminals to steal. How does this happen, and what are some ways to prevent it from happening? Why is it easier for criminals to steal information?
It is important to research because everyone is turning to the digital age for everyday life and it”s becoming easier to steal information.

Several types of malware used in ransomware and phishing to determine how easy it is to commit identity theft will be researched. Individual phishing attacks will be researched, in addition to attacks on companies, like the Equifax breach in 2017 and the Boeing security breach in 2018. The paper will compare how the different attacks affected the companies, and how they contrasted against each other. For example, Boeing was hit with malware and fell victim to a ransomware attack. The Equifax breach on the other hand was simply caused by poor management not updating software. Additionally, the paper will be exploring how each company handled the data breach after the fact. For cybercrimes committed against individuals, the paper will also be comparing different types of cybercrimes, and how people can avoid them.

Literature Review
“User preference of cyber security awareness delivery methods” gives a general overview of cybersecurity and how important it is to prevent cybercrimes.
“Is Identity Theft Really Theft?” gives information about multiple types of identity theft and why and if they are considered criminal offenses. It also provides information about what a person should do after falling victim to identity theft.
“Facts+Statistics: Identity Theft and Cybercrime” details statistics regarding cybercrimes and how frequently people fall victim to cybercrimes.
“Training to Mitigate Phishing Attacks Using Mindfulness Techniques” provides information in the corporate setting on how to prevent phishing from negatively impacting a business, and how employees can use these techniques to lessen the chance of falling for phishing techniques.
“Ransomware, Social Engineering and Organization Liability” provides details on what ransomware is and how it uses malware to corrupt and steal information. It also gives information on how to prevent ransomware.

The solution will be that more people need to be vigilant when going online and giving out information, both for personal use online and in the work setting. Ways to identity different types of malware will also be addressed, as well as the importance of good online protection on both personal computers, and software for larger companies.

In general, older generations are more susceptible to cybercrimes because they are not as tech-savvy as the current generation who has grown up immersed in technology. Many people do not choose to educate themselves about cybersecurity as they feel like identity theft is unlikely to happen to them. Many people and companies also do not bother to update their security even though it is an extremely easy way to prevent their computers falling victim to malware. Overall, the research will benefit most people, as everyone can and should learn proper techniques for internet safety.

Recommendations and Conclusion
Some of the outcomes will be learning additional information that people can follow to prevent identity theft and hacking from occurring and learning about previous security breaches that have occurred to provide information on what to do after a company loses personal client information. This paper should be successful at providing all necessary information for learning about cybersecurity and threats to personal information. Current information about cybersecurity breaches and hacks will be relayed in the paper, and further recommendations to use in personal and work life will also be incorporated.

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