Developing Alliances in Social Work Practice

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Reading the case study of Veronica is both heartbreaking and comforting. To know that her and many other young children like her are experiencing such atrocities demands a forthright response. But to see her pull through and be on the path to healing and restoration shows that a few good people can work to decrease and lessen modern-day slavery. According to the United Nations, seventy percent of those who are forced into human trafficking are women and children. When they eventually escape, they find themselves facing some of the same traumatic symptoms Veronica experienced.

The A21 Campaign is one such organization that tirelessly works to fight human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and forced slave labor nationally and internationally. The organization posits that human trafficking “is the fastest growing crime in the world.” Their theme is “abolishing injustice in the 21st century” and their strategy is based on these four P-principles: prevention (through awareness and education), protection (through restoration programs), prosecution (through the pursuit of justice), and partnership (through getting people involved in the fight for freedom).

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While atrocities such as human trafficking may not happen to me or people I know, it is happening and it is important to me aware of such tragic situations. One way to do this is to read educational materials about this issue and get friends at school and church to do the same. This will equip individuals with strategies to look for signs of trafficking and to help those vulnerable. Another step is to offer to volunteer in agencies such as A21. One can work in training, data collection, hotlines, or in investigations.

Third, with the proper licensing and approval, one can also give advice, council, and therapy to victims and help to ensure they are safe in their home, school, and work environment as well as work with state, local, and federal government.

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