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Disaster Recovery for a Small Business

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Although it is a for-profit company, the small Florida Clothing is limited with resources, including capital and human. The business is a retail store for women’s clothing store that specializes in unique outfits as compared to other parts of the United States. The organization understands the marketplace quite well and normally encourages clients to try new clothing styles. In addition, the business strives to deliver quality products to its customers albeit the low number of employees. Notably, by making its clothing accessible throughout Florida by way of establishing retail locations, events, and fashion shows, the business has always made good profits. The organization also provide a rewarding working environment, as it offers employees fair compensation, consequently providing excellent value to its clients. The business is focused on satisfying customers’ fashion needs throughout the seasons at affordable prices.

Florida Clothing relies on electricity to run its networked computers that store employees’ and the management’s information. As a small business, disaster recovery (DR) has become a critical obligation, as the loss of data and cost of downtime can be a major problem for the organization. Also, significant disruption to the business can be because of the untimely loss of critical server or application as well as critical files can be very costly. Therefore, it is crucial for the business to be prepared to cope with the challenges of a disruptive outage or even a full-fledged disaster (Snedaker & Rima, 2014). The first step in disaster recovery is creating a DR planning team. It is important to note that without competent personnel working in harmony, collaborative discovery planning can fail or be fragmented. The team should be knowledgeable and of different areas of expertise to cover all the necessary bases.

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The business will need to fill in the role of a disaster recovery planning expert who will offer expert insight, suggestions, technical oversight, and guidance to the DR team. In essence, this will ensure that all risk is managed, and the team uses best practices and are compliant with all the stipulated requirements (Titel, 2017). Secondly, the business will employ an IT member who will be involved in maintaining, testing, and plan the business’ disaster recovery implementation and plan. The team will also have the role of identifying capable backups. Designated system and networking expert who is specialized in systems and networking will be responsible for restoring the services and systems back into operation will be needed during the planning, testing, and maintain the business DR plan and implementation (Hitchen, 2016). Also, the expert will be responsible for establishing and maintaining networks and contacts for disaster recovery support systems and resources. The disaster recovery expert will serve as a primary point of contact for the entire DR planning team during disaster recovery planning.

It is important to know that due to the limited resources Florida Clothing has, some roles will be combined to enhance the effectiveness of DR planning team greatly. Positions such as business unit advisors can be merged with the task of disaster recovery-planning expert (Snedaker & Rima, 2014). The role of a business continuity expert can be combined with the position of the designated system and networking expert for the continuity and disaster recovery planning and implementation. The purpose of trainers, support, and trainers will be designated to the IT expert. Notably, recovery plan documents are very important to the preparations for creating a disaster recovery plan. All employees the Florida Clothing will act as members of the DR planning team. They will use checklists from IT experts to guide them in their work to check their results and record results for future analysis.

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