Samples Business Disaster Risk Management Plan Model (DRMMP)

Disaster Risk Management Plan Model (DRMMP)

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Where will this plan be used?
This plan will be used as the main aspect of addressing disasters in a given jurisdiction. The plan includes various types of information such as those that are used to predict risks, estimate impacts and to identify the appropriate response approaches for issues. Besides that, this model also often consists of a special risk assessment approach.

The DRMMP plan can be used to complement the disaster management approaches that are already in place for a particular state (Kendrick, 2015). The model often identifies advanced disaster manager protocols and with regard to the specific needs of the given jurisdiction. Among some of the key issues that can be addressed by using the plan include health, environmental, and more.

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Who will oversee the plan?
The person who will oversee the implementation of the plan is referred to as the project manager. Some of their primary roles in overseeing the successful implementation of the management plan include controlling the allocation and use of resources with regard to the disaster management issue. Besides that, the project manager also has the role of coordinating the human resources of the project, such as the volunteers and staff who are chosen to respond to a specific type of disaster.

Where was it used in 2018?
A good example whereby the DRMMP approach was used is in the current government of U.S.A headed by President Trump. In response to the recent Hurricane Florence which is expected to drop 18trillion gallons of water, the state has recently developed a comprehensive disaster risk management plan model (Doyle, 2018). The plan outlines various disaster response approaches for the state and especially for companies that handle toxic chemical wastes.