Division to Unification in Imperial China

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The Chinese history develops on series of events of the division to unification. The Chinese civilization was built on Confucianism after a great fight to rule imperial China. The three comic examples that applied during the revolution in the vast Chinese emperor were massive rebellion, the death of the emperor and assassination.

The massive rebellion (Liu, p.15): the author demonstrates by comic the rule of divide and unites as applied in imperial China. In 184, the Chinese experienced a great rebellion in the northern region of the nation; there was an epidemic outbreak, the yellow river flooded, famine outbreak and emerged heavy taxes in the country. Then rebel leader in the drawing is armed to fight against the enemies in the ruling and seen screaming ‘I have the power to heal the world and make it a better place’. On the subsequent pictures, Han court mobilizes the people to unite and crash the main rebel force living China a better place for all.

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The death of Emperor Ling in 189 (Liu, p.17): the comic is evident in the text after the end of the Chinese emperor. The emperor’s wife together with the family fought with the eunuchs over whom to take over the leadership. It is comical that in the progress of the fight, the general entered China capital and took over the imperial power for himself. Thirteen governs united against the general Dong Zhuo and the affiliated governors in taking over the late emperor.

His general assassinated Dong Zhuo (Liu, p.19): two years after taking over power forcefully, Dong Zhuo. The drawing in the text is comic since the close persons to the emperor happened to be their greatest enemies and the cause of their misfortunes. However, imperial China has united again after the death of the selfish emperor that caused the fight for over 30 years by the anti-Dong coalition who sized land to form states.

  • Liu, J. Division to Unification in Imperial China: The Three Kingdoms to the Tang Dynasty (220-907). 2016. Ebook.

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