Dominate Ideology of the United States

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Liberalism and its explicit tradition in the United States have been the dominant ideology of the political system of the country was launched. In fact, the democratic tradition, which was largely inspired by the French Revolution in 1789, spread the idea of liberalism and the value of an individual into the building society. In the theoretical aspect, liberalism could be divided into classical liberalism and a progressive liberalism. However, in practical implications, a society is driven by a liberalist ideology, expressed in the way the whole system is build.

First and foremost, liberalism as a dominant ideology is largely visible in the Constitution and its values. Namely, the first amendment which freedoms of an individual are expressed. These are precisely the matters of a social life that were influenced by the French Revolution. Another document that illustrates the dominance of liberalism in the US political system is the Declaration of Independence which stands for equality of persons in different dimensions and its implications. What’s more, the liberty and-and the individual freedoms are still perceived as the main political values preached in the United States.

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The way the political system was constructed, which gave particular powers to states and a national government was also an alternative to the monarchist and conservative governments which existed in other European countries at that time. Liberalism shaped by democracy (based on the intellectual ideas of Montesquieu) was the main political idea. In a way, the current two-party system which is predominant in the United States was based on the liberalist ideas, too. In fact, these days liberalism is best reflected by the program of the Democratic party, but its central historical tradition was shaped by the intellectual tradition that emerged during the times of the French Revolution, as well as the opposition to British conservatism.

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