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Dr. Bruce Savages Presentation on Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering remains to be one of the oldest professions in the field of Engineering. It is the heart of civilization. The schools, hospitals, factories and every other large institution need a civil engineer. According to Dr. Bruce, civilization was a result of man trying to alter the environment to satisfy his needs. Traditionally civil engineering has been subdivided into seven distict sub divisions. In his presentation Dr. Bruce further goes on to explain each of the seven disciplines of civil engineering. They include; transportation, structural, construction management, water resources, geotechnical, water resources and survey and measurements. It is from these seven disciplines that man tries to maximize his satisfaction.
Majority of the physical infrastructure that we boast off in our modern society are products of civil engineering. Civil engineering as a profession deals with all types of structures ranging from the buildings, dams, roads, bridges, sewerage system, water supply, and airports. The main responsibility of a civil engineer is to design and construct these structures. Civil engineering is more of planning, designing and more importantly testing of these structures.

According to Dr. Bruce, civil engineering also involves lots of involvement in environmental areas. For instance, when assessing the impact some of these project will pose to the environment, the aspect of pollution control, sewerage treatment and the way resources should be managed and protected. Furthermore, according to him it is the responsibility of a civil engineer to take into consideration whether the materials chosen to construct a certain structure are suitable and strong enough to hold its design. They are the ones to look at the environmental implications that a certain structure might cause to the surrounding. Civil engineers are solely responsible for ensuring that the structures are safe, economical, and environmentally friendly.

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